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what hair style will look good?

on me. i have had this hair style for a half a year and i want something new! my style now is long bands to my right side and layed in the front... heres a pic! just wondering any new style that will look good on my face =]


what i look like now i have lost 10 pounds and still going down=]


sorry one minute i will get links that work

Update 2:

ok this should work

1 my hair style

2 what i look like now its a little different becuase i havnet had a hair cut in months i also lost 10 pounds and still loing so i want somethnig new =]

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    Congratulations on losing 10 pounds. ^-^

    Mmmkay. I'm thinking you should get some bangs. They would frame your face very nicely.

    Some choppy layers would work as well. Take a little bit of the lenght off. About up to your shoulders.

    Good luck. :)

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    Something I think would look really cute would be if you were to get a lot of really choppy layers and a face frame, if you want to keep your length.

    If you're looking to be a little more daring, you could get a pixie cut (Short in the back, long in the front, with lots of layers)

    In the meantime you could style it differently.

    You could scrunch it up with gel to make it look curly, or sleep with it in a hat (All of the hair up in the hat, dont just put the hat on your head) to curl it up some. Or, if you flat iron, you could flip in in, or out for either a sophisticated, or flirty/fun style. Those things can also be used after you get a cut.

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    Wow you look great!!! Congratulations on losing 10 pounds, I'm jealous. lol but I think your hair is really pretty, If you really want to change something I would either: dye it a tiny bit darker or get some layers in the front...or even both. They may be little changes but a little goes a long way. :0) Good Luck!

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    omg, i was looking at this question while i was waiting for a response to mine but i wasn't gonna answer because i think the same thing as everyone else... maybe you could try ummm...

    -side bands

    -lots of layers

    -darkening your hair color

    idk those were just some sugguestions...

    i'm sure whatever you do will look great. :)

    btw you are really pretty.

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  • Keep the colour, maybe a side fringe?

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    I'd trim it, layer it and then do some side bangs.

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    idk, but those links dont work

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