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something different we can do together?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little over two years, I'm 19 and he's 25. We both have the day off today (and not much money) I want to do something romantic or fun for him, any suggestions?

All you immature kiddos - something other than sex.



Thanks guys! Oh, and for that poster that said something about satuatory rape?! When parents of both children are consenting, its not illegal. But thanks for the thoughts sweetie :) :)

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    It's Fall, the leaves are changing and falling off the trees, and that's always fun to go see. You can always go for a walk or a hike. You can also take a bike ride, visit a park, take a pet for a walk, or spend time with friends, assuming they have the day off too.

    One thing I got into a few years ago, that made for a cheap date, was buying a few kites. This time of year, it's usually nice and windy and you can pick-up two kites at a Wal-Mart or nearby toy store for about $10. They aren't the flimsy mylar ones we had as kids either. Most are ripstop nylon, so you don't have to worry about kite-eating trees.

    Many tons have a discount movie theatre, that shows flixs for about 2 bucks. Often they're still newer than the ones you'd get on DVD, and if the movie is bad, you can always sit in the back and make-out.

    You can always plan a nice meal and prepare it together. If you're not a good cook, then plan a picnic. They're easy to make, and you can have them indoors, on the floor, if it's too cold outside.

    If you like animals, visit a zoo, play with your pets, or visit a pet store/humane society. That's always good for at least an hour or two.

    You can always have a conversation. Even couples who have been together for two years still have things to talk about. At this point in the relationship, it's usually alright to reveil funny, yet embarressing stories about yourself, and even compare them. They give your partner an interesting insight into your life. Some people even like to rummage through old photos, sometimes for long lost memories, and othertimes just for laughs.

    Gas prices have come down in the the past few weeks, and in some parts of the country they're now below $2. That's a great oppertunity to go for a nice long drive. It doesn't really matter where you drive. It can just be out of town. Why? Because it's something to do, it's a chance to talk, and it's a change of scenery. You can pack a picnic, so you're not eating greesy, espensive road food, and you can take turns behind the wheel. Chances are, there is at least something scenic and interesting to drive to, that can take-up a good portion of a day. It's also spontanious. I wouldn't wait too much longer though, since it's quickly approaching noon, and the sun sets early this time of year.

    If it's a nice day out, you can always do yard work. This time of year, there is usually a lot of raking to do. I know it's not exactly fun, but sometimes it's just nice to get outside, and get something accomplished.

    If you want to do something specifically for him, then pay attention to his interests and hobbies. What does he like? That should give you some ideas. Being romantic just means doing things for someone else and having unconditional love for that person. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. It can be small things. Instead of just saying you love him, tell him why you love him. Instead of just saying you love him, show him that you love him. I don't just mean sex. There are many ways to express intimacy, other than sex. Intimacy is a closeness, connection, bond or love shared between two people.

    He may even want to do things that you enjoy. I know you want to do things that are fun for him, but he may want to do things that are fun for you, so there are a wide range of things you can try.

    If you like arts and crafts, then do something artsy. Art supplies can get expensive, but many people have stuff lying around already. There are also some artsy things that you can do, that don't cost that much. A trip to a craft/art/music store might even spark a few ideas.

    If you like games board/cards/video, then play a game together. You may not spend the entire day doing it, but it might help you pass a few hours. Actually, I have a video game site you may enjoy All the games are free and playable right in your web browser. There are also no annoying pop-up or banner ads on the site. Considering you don't have much money, free is a good thing.

    I kinda liked the one suggestion one poster had of bowling, but that can get expensive real quick, if you end-up playing a few games, or if you buy food. You're too young to buy alcohol, but he's not, and that can also get expensive real quick at those places. If it is something your interested in, you may want to watch your budget. As for the other suggestion of a theme park, those get expensive really fast. Just buying the tickets is pretty pricey.

    When in doubt, just ask him what he wants to do. If you can't think of anything, then let him know you want to do something romantic or something he'll enjoy. He may have a few ideas.

    Best of luck in life and love. :-)

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    I don't know if the weather is nice where you are but how about something like paddleboats on the lake or maybe fishing? Walk around the park. Window shop at the mall, pick out things each other might want for Christmas or birthdays. Make a photo collage of your pictures together.

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    Well when both me and my boyfriend are low of cash we usually snuggle up infront of the tv and watch a movie together. It's nice to feel held and safe and you can smooch. Maybe make dinner and eat that together?

    You can go on walks in the park or ride bikes. There's several things you can do once you sit down and look at it all.

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    I was going to suggest learn to parachute as that is the ultimate life and death thrill for you both. But it costs money. How about planning a surprise picnic. Somewhere new that he doesnt know where he is going and where maybe you can swim or walk in a secluded place?

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    i guess this depends where you live, if its nice, a picnic and you can take a box and inside write 100 reason (or how many you want) why you love him or something of that sort, go to a play, drive to a different state and explore or a different town

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    Go ice skating, play mini golf, go mushroom picking or rent a rowing boat and go out on a beautiful lake.

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    ok well you could...

    1. go to the movies

    2. have a nice romantic picnic in a park somewhere (if there r n e nice ones around..)

    3. have dinner somewhere

    4. go to a fair or theme park (if u guys like that kinda thing)

    5. go to the beach

    6. bowling

    7. ice skating??

    well it kinda depends wat type of u person u are (fun, geeky lol etc) coz if ur geeky lol u could go to a museum or something interestin like that lol

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    Take a long stroll in the park and talk or just enjoy the outdoors together. go for ice cream later.

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    Go eat some really fattening food at a diner and just hang out. Why do people always have to DO something? Why can't they just hang out?

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