Selling home phone service?

I have a small business. i want to sell prepaid home phone service. how do i get started? i also want to start a pay all bills here service. how do i get started?

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    you want to become a CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier)

    there are many requirements. You need to contact the FCC, and the RBOC (regional bell operating company)

    do you plan on being a reseller of the RBOC dial tone, or do you plan on just leasing the lines, and installing your own switch at the telco's central office(s) or at a co-location?

    in the beginning it would be recommended that you just become a reseller, until you build enough clients to make the investment of your own switch worth the money. reselling the RBOC service will cost you more per dialtone then if you were to just lease the lines, and have your own switch, but the cost of installing and maintaining your own switch can be astronomical, especially if you do not have the customer base.

    I would recommend looking into getting into VoIP service, or calling cards, because many CLECs are not doing well... the CLEC that I work for just acquired the customers of 2 other CLECs that left the local market.;_ylt=A0geu7tUyxxJrg...

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    Difficult question to answer as you do not mention which country you are in.

    I have a home based business in telecommunications, but I do not sell anything, when I get a new customer all I do is arrange for them to switch to my service, then my partner company does all the rest.

    Bt the best thing is that I receive a percentage of all my customers monthly bills for as long as they remain customers. It is much better than selling and I never have to be in a position of money changing hands.


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