pizza slice size (USA v Australia)?

American vs australian pizza?

i know that pizza's italian... so don't make fun of my question :P

Are american pizzas BIGGER than australian pizzas? are the slices larger?

Because I was on a forum, and most people said that the most amount of pizza slices they've eaten is 4 and that they usually eat 2.

Now, with me, the most slices i've eaten is 7 and i usually eat 4 or 5.

I'm not obese.

So, do I just eat a lot? Or are the pizza sizes different?

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    1 decade ago
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    aha i work at pizza hut in australia, and tonight i was having a chat with a guy about this.

    His from america and he was saying a large pizza (australia) is like a small in america. and americas one are hugeeee.

    You can see in most movies where its made in america or whatever how big they are

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    1 decade ago

    Slice size is going to vary from restaurant to restaurant, let alone across the oceans. I've had slices that are quite small and I can eat several and I've had slices where it was so big it was hard to hold and I could only eat one piece. And that's just from different restaurants in my own city.

    Yes, slice size is probably different, and Americans probably have larger slices because we're a fatter country. But there really is no exact comparison as it's going to change from place to place.

    If you want to know if you eat a lot, go out to eat and see how many pieces other people eat. Teenage guys are going to eat more than normal, so look at girls or adults. Figure out what's about average for where you are from there.

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    from what ive seen the pizza slices in america are HUGE compared to here in south africa... there slice of pizza is like the same size as our small pizzas lmao....

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