what are new inventions in electrical and electronics field which can be implimented in final year projec?

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  • Ecko
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    1 decade ago
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    Both electrical and electronics are mature disciplines, so there isn't much that is really new - rather improvements or developments or evolution of existing technology. Many of the below had earlier methods, but things get better, cheaper, faster, smaller, more powerful.

    Radio - spread spectrum and gps and cellular technology, synthesisers, digital techniques.

    Analogue - More on a chip, greater precision and speed of ADCs. DSP, Filters and FFT more readily implemented, albeit with digital techniques.

    Digital - faster and more on a chip. Bigger and faster RAMs and ROMS, FLASH. Networking, especially radio. The internet.

    Electrical - better inverters and speed control for motors, PLC. Robotics - gradual lowering of cost and better understanding of how to do things. Unmanned vehicles, autonomous vehicles. Machine vision, speech recognition.

    Space - lower cost.

    Telecommunications - Move towards wireless and cellular networks, with fiber optics for distance and bandwidth. Digital implementations, greater traffic, reliability. Greater bandwidths.

    Audio video - move to digital, high definition, cheaper, better performance.

    Power - better batteries and fuel cells, alternate energy systems.

    Hope that helps with ideas.

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