How could a PFC in the Marine corps have his wife move with him?

If a PFC in the Marine corps got married on his 20 day leave before his duty station overseas could his wife move with him on base.. even if his orders are for him as a single marine?


this is if he eloped on leave... this was not planned at all

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    If the orders are to Japan then no they cannot be changed to accompanied. Usually E3 and below and sometimes even E4 have to do an unaccompanied tour in that location. It will be a shorter time there than if it is accompanied 12 to 24 months. If you choose to go over there you cannot live on base, you are Space Available for medical facilities and you fall under Japanese rules. So you will have to process the necessary paperwork to stay there longer than 90 days. You would also have to find housing yourself and pay rent out of the BAH you are receiving. If it is to say Hawaii then you still will not get housing or command sponsorship but you can qualify for living out in town on the BAH. You will have to move yourself there including all expenses of air ticket, furniture, vehicle, etc...

    If by some chance he goes to the command and files the necessary paperwork to get the orders changed and it is approved that they MIGHT be changed. Then you will have to undergo a medical and dental screening by a MTF. That paperwork is then submitted and if you have no conditions that cannot be handled by the MTF, then they can be changed to accompanied. Because he already checked in you again will have to pay for the entire move yourself.

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    OCC is just a 10 week course at quantico. They aren't going to move your family because you aren't technically in the military, and its only 10 weeks that'd be a huge waste. During OCC you'll get paid as an e4, which isn't bad, but no bah. Once you pass and are commissioned then you'll be sent to TBS (the basic school) for 6 more months of training, then to whatever mos school you need to go to. After that you'll be stationed somewhere and can get your wife moved out there. I just posted a big answer not too long ago about PLC and OCC if you have questions that might help you out as well.

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    If he is now stationed in Okinawa, contact me via e-mail, if you'd like some info. I was a Lance Corporal and was able to move my wife in with me from the U.S. Tell you what though, it's going to be at least three months before it all gets done. Back to overseas, he can get housing own right and get paid a little more and you can move in or he can turn his orders from unaccompanied to accompanied to bring you to his duty station and be there a lil longer but a heck of a lot more money.

    Source(s): U.S. Marine (Formerly stationed in Okinawa)
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    Your have two choices.

    1. You can go to the nearest marine Base, and try and process the paperwork RIGHT now.

    And get your orders amended while you are still on leave.

    2. Go to your assignment, process the paperwork, then have your wife move.

    But you didn't say where you have orders to, what kind of assignment it is.

    IE: if you have a short tour somewhere, your wife cannot go.

    You may be able to change te short tour to a long tour though.

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    Absolutely not. It won't happen.

    Unless of course she moves there on her own, she rents an apartment.

    But the Marine Corps will not pay for any of it.

    Young Marines are not the 'faithful' type...& I LOL @ any gal who thinks differently!

    I spent 4 years in the Marine Corps. Awww, the things I know!

    Source(s): Be careful there are plenty of pl here who do not know whatthey are taliking about. Not only that they don't realize that the Marine Corps is NOT like the 'army'.
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    change depentdent status... you can leave with him and mili will pay the cost back to you as well as ship your goods provideing on the contry.. korea for example in the army you are not suposed to bring family but if u choose to do so its out of pocket unless your an officer. so pack your belongs that wont fit in the suitcases tell mommy to exspect movers for your things. but check on the country issue first... congrats and this year will be easy... deployment is the hardest

    Source(s): army wife
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    That's an interesting question

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    Doubtful. There will probably be at least six months of filling out forms and hacking through red tape. He needs to let his next command know immediately. Good luck.

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    Had he filled out the proper paper work for his command to let them know you are married? Has he enrolled you in DEERs? I wouldn't count on going with him. There is such thing an unaccompanied orders. Also to move over seas you have to get a medical clearance.

    The chick who said the rude things is ignorant... please don't listen to her ;-)

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    Get with your platoon sgt. Ask him to help get the paperwork though because if you don't dot every i and cross ever t, your wife will be left in a nightmare.

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