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See John McCain on Jay Leno tonight?

I supported Barack Obama through and through but I have been very impressed in the way McCain has handled his loss. He has quite the sense of humor and was crackin me up on Leno last night--anyone else see it?

I kinda think if McCain would have showed his softer side/less serious side during the campaign, more people would have liked him. Anyway, we have a new president no matter who you voted for and I think it is time for everyone to try to unite a bit, as corny as that sounds.

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    I thought the same thing about Bob Dole, too. He went on the Tonight Show and was really funny and seemed like a guy you'd really like to know. He was so funny they invited him back again, in fact.

    I didn't see McCain on Leno, but I'm not that surprised to see that he's showing his more approachable side now. I always knew he had one, but for some reason his handlers insisted on suppressing that, or maybe John felt that if people saw his softer/funnier side they wouldn't think he was "tough" or something. Whatever it was, it seems fair to say that campaigns apparently do strange things to people.

  • 4 years ago's not yet 11:30, and I live on the east coast so how do you know? About the POW thing,his constant mention of it is just as embarassing as Guliani's 9/11 comments. It's really pathetic.I heard that some veterans are angry about McCain doing that

  • McCain has done an excellent job since he lost the presidency. I have always been a support of his and critic of Obama, but we have to worry about our Country First. I dont care who is in office, we must stand strong together and get our country back on track as a whole. Everybody who knows politics knows how things get, but when races are over its back to real life.

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    That's what I said when Gore lost. He was so stiff on the campaign trail. As for the uniting part, you know how that went.... and so it goes. Now that one song has ended and another started it is your turn to lead and our turn to step on your toes so that maybe we can win in 2012 and you can dump on our infinity.

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    Yep, just finished watching it. He really showed a great sense on humor there.

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    that's because mccain is a good person

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    Just another pathetic reminder of why the GOP deserved to lose

  • Derek
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    Yes. He was very bitter.

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