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Japanese Translation Help Again..?

I'm doing some of my Japaense Homework again I'm stuck. So could some help explain this, mainly translating it. Others tips are welcomed. Thanks!

Ima benkyou surun da.

Dakara jama shinai de kure.

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    These are both very rough language...


    ima benkyo suru nn da

    Now study doing justification

    This one basically means 'I am studying' but because there is the 'nnda' at the end it is justifying something. It is presenting the fact that 'I am studying' as a reason for something.


    dakara jama shinai de kure

    therefore hinderence don't-do for-me

    This one means, 'therefore don't be a hinderence to me (for me)'

    So if those two sentences are together then you have,'I am studying at the moment, that is why you should leave me be' - --paraphrased--

    I don't know why this would be in homework though, it is quite informal almost rude language - don't use it outside of close friends.

    Hope this helps <(^-*)^

    Source(s): JLPT2
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    I have no idea in which you discovered this however this is making an attempt to determine what kanji are used to put in writing "shinkaban." I do not admire any of those phrases sounding "shinkaban." ??? (shinkaban) can also be translated into evolution board however I have no idea what that's. ??? (shinkaban) may be translated into deepening difference board and I have no idea what it's. ??? (shinkaban) ??? (shinkaban) Really I are not able to translate this.

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    It means I'm studying now. So stop bothering me!

    The breakdown is as such:

    ima - now

    benkyou suru - studying

    dakara - therefore/so

    jyama - bothering

    shinai de - don't

    kure - give me (command form)

    Source(s): Learnt Japanese for years~
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    It says, "I'm studying now, so don't come in" It's also not using a particularly polite speech level.

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