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Why did Pres. Truman drop the atomic bomb on Japan when he could have made a naval blockade?

Why did he ultimately choose to drop the atomic bomb twice when he could have set up a naval blockade and slowly beat down there will?


* A massive invasion and use of our superior navy would be a way to flex our muscles.

Was it that Truman wanted the war over swiftly before Stalin could play a major role in the defeat of Japan. Thus allowing him to prerticipate in the future plans of Japan?

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    1. We wanted to test out our new bombs;

    2. We considered Japanese people subhuman (Ever notice how throughout history we think of others as subhuman when it suits us: First the Native Americans, then the blacks, then the Japanese and now the Muslims)

    3. We wanted to show the world how bad *** we were; and

    4. The Japanese were never going to surrender. They were teaching school children to fight to the death.

  • to show the world that US has power and ppl shouldn't mess with them

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