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My mom doesn't let go!?

Okay, i am 15 years old and i dream big! I wish to travel to some places where everything is far away from texas. I keep telling her i can't be with her and my dad forever, but she just says "No". Shes at that stage where she doesn't want me to grow up, cause i am growing up too fast. What can i tell her to at least consider me going somewhere like New York when i am older?

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    Um, your 15... Ya still got High School to go.

    Wait till your done with college.

    Obviously, when you're older, she'll let you.

    But if she doesn't, tell her this:

    Mom, look. You can't keep me here forever. I'm your daughter, but I'm not your little girl. Look, I'll call every week, send you e-mails, photos...But do you know how much this would mean to me? Put yourself in my situation...Your own mother not letting you do something you want, even though there is no harm (besides like, all that money spent). (Use one of her younger life situations against her)

    Examples: What if your parents didn't let you marry Dad?

    Thats a bad example, cause she can say: I would have anyway....

    But yea, something like that. =D

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    I am a mom of four children. They are 15 1/2 (girl), 14 1/2 (girl), 5 (boy)and 2 1/2 (girl). I know how your mom feels. We are afraid of letting go. Letting go means that you are growing up. We think that the harder we hold on then maybe you won't grow up so fast. It also means that we too are getting older. The life we are used to is going to be different. What will we do when you don't need us anymore? It is hard to see you as a young adult, we still see a little girl. We want to keep you safe and close. Afraid that when you leave you may not come back. If you go so far away how can we help you if you need us? Will you be o.k. when I'm not there to help you?

    Those are some of the things that we think about, that we worry about. It is not that we don't believe in you, its that we are afraid, of all the experiences that we had we don't want you to go through the same hard things we had too. We hurt when you hurt. If you are sad, we are sad with you. If your heart is broken, so is ours. I talk to my mom now and she still feels the same way about me. No matter how old you are she will always worry about you. I didn't understand how my mom felt until my own children. You are only 15. By the time you graduate she might feel differently. You will be more mature and she will have had more time to adjust to you growing up. Just give her time and show her that when you go you will be o.k. She will be o.k.

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    i know that feeling, i dreamt of seeing the world outside of amarillo, and i have. Im only 19< and i know it hurt my mom to leave (im the youngest) but it had to be done. She only acts like that cuase shes your mom. plan and work for the next few years and you could end up anywhere you want, and the happier you are, the prouder your parents will be when they finally see how well they raised you

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    My are you doing this to your mom and dad ok so you want to go places they will not stand in your way belive me they want the best for you.but the way you tell it is like you wan,t to run from them and never see them again thats what your mom realy fears.just let her know that you will allways be there when and if they need you and it will be fine.

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    just dont say anything, and tell her that ur going after ur old enough, and after u bought the tickets

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