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i cant afford college! im freaking out! help?

im kinda freaking out because im a senior in high school, and recently my family is doing poorly financially, my parents never married and i live with my mom with no siblings and she makes like 85,000 a year and my dad like 20,000 but he cant help me. my mom sucks at money managing and says by the end of the month paying all her bills she is in debt, we live in southern ca which is really expensive and we r struggling. she already has a second mortgage and has to pay over 3000 a month. im a great student 4.4 gpa 2220 on sat's, sports, asb everything but i cant get any financial aid or scholarships, white male is a bad combo, also i cant take out loans, bad credit and mom no collateral. what do i do!!! my parents didnt save for college and now im screwed. i want to go to schools like USC or UCLA but usc is 50,000 a year and ucla like 30, with expenses. plus i dont have a car yet and i have all ap classes and cant work, no time. my parents say state school and working through school, but i want to be a doctor, state is not good enough or have the programs i need! help pls! running out of time! i cant even afford application costs but colleges dont care, all they see is my parents make over 100,000 a year but they dont understand that number is closer to 0 with expenses! im soo scared! im staying in Ca too! btw sorry for the atrocious grammar, im just a little panicked!

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    You should apply for as many scholarships as you can. That will provide some funding. Many college students work during college. You should plan on getting a part time job(You may be able to find something in a lab or hospital that helps your career goals). Many good state universities provide great preparation for medical school. Look around, nationally for schools that have reasonable tuition and good science programs (You may need to leave CA to accomplish your goal, if it is that important to you). You'll almost certainly need to take out student loans to help fund your education, but its an investment in your future career. If you don't pick a school that is extremely expensive, you'll likely be able to repay your student loans comfortably once you get a job.

    There are also some schools like Olin,

    that provide free tuition to all admitted student (and engineering programs can be good preparation for medical school).

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    1. Lots of white males get federal and state grants and student loans. Many scholarships are based solely on academics. 2. Do you mean to say that you haven't even finished high school and YOU have bad credit? or your mom? 3. Arizona State and Michigan State send graduates on to medical schools (personal knowledge); why can't Cal State? 4. Med schools are unlikely to care where you get your first two years of introductory level courses. Check out your local community college. They're much cheaper, the classes are smaller, and the instructors are often as good as those at the universities. Many of the instructors probably teach at nearby universities as well, and some of them will be MAs pursuing their doctorates at nearby universities. 5. If not now, then after finishing high school, see if you can get a job in a hospital...doing anything. Hospitals have been known to help employees with medical studies... mentoring and such. Or get certified as a paramedic, or in medical billing or as a physician's assistant, or something similar that will pay better than most jobs that students work their way through school with. That way you'll have a job in the medical field before you even start at the university. AND you can take yourself off your parents' income taxes, so their incomes and credit won't affect your financial aid eligibility. Good Luck

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    go to a cheap state school. apply for as many scholarships as possible. the fact is, you are not the only one in this situation. my mom is a waitress and my dad is a truck driver. so for me to pay for college, i go to a public state school, work, got scholarships, and am going to take out loans. you just have to make do, and honestly, you need to stop feeling so entitled. you have to work to get a college education. it sucks and your parents should have done better planning, but stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop being too proud to go to a cheaper school, and do what you gotta do to get a higher education.

    worst case senario would be that you can get a full time job and save up all the money and start school a year or two later. the fact is, you have to figure it out even though its not easy--either that, or give up and dont go to college at all.

    not trying to be rude, but just being real. so many people are in the same position as you.

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    you can find financial aid and scholarships if you look hard enough. apply for a lot of them and see what you get.

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