Ducati 1098r vs MV Agusta F4 1000 vs Aprilia rsv1000(4) vs Japanese 1000cc(Y,S,H,K)?

best quality,responsibility and..........

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    This seems awfully like speculation, but for everything motorcycles are supposed to do, including all the intangibles like elegance, sound, and mystique, nothing approaches the Italian machines. However, they are expensive, easily three to four times the price of Japanese iterations.

    So, you got forty thousand dollars? The Ducati is a true homologation bike and is very near perfection. It is actually 1199cc in displacement, comes with a slipper clutch, traction control, data aquisition (for laps), and makes 180hp. And remember, all of this is from two cylinders. A few thousand less will get you onto what many consider the sexiest bike made, the F4, an in-line four but nothing like its Japanese counterparts. Again, heritage, sound, and rarified membership are customary with this maker, too.

    If your bank account is not so stratospheric, the bike of the year was won by Honda (2008); their litre class machine beating out the other three marques from that country. Yamaha, by the way, despite looking so good, came dead last as it has not seen any design changes in five years and suffers mid-range lag that simply puts it out of the competition. The GSXR was a close second, and might even had won had it not already won so many times before.

    So, best buy for your buck? The CBRR 1000 from you local Honda dealer. It comes in red, too.

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    1 decade ago

    Are you asking just out of curiosity, or are you seriously considering buying one of these? If you want out and out performance, the Duc, the MV, and the Aprilia are top notch, but they aren't as reliable long-term as the Japanese bikes. Also, you'll pay WAY more for a mechanic to work on them than you will with a Japanese bike. It all comes down to how you want to spend your money. If you're just fantasizing (nothing wrong with that!) then go to the manufacturer's websites and examine the different specs from all the bikes, and you'll come up with which one is faster, quicker, lighter, stops better, etc.

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    1 decade ago

    If you read the rags (Magazines) or are on the street (Belong to a club) You'll know the new Yamaha R1 is tops.

    Go to book store this week, pick up any street bike magazine and you'll see it.

    Now to be fair, I doubt 1/10 of the bike owners have ever had their bikes upto the 183 mph all the jap bikes go.

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    Too a lot of human beings look at this as a "via the numbers" determination. If cost-overall performance is your quantity, look someplace else (even nevertheless Ducati's 1098 is a intense contender right here). jap motorcycles are, palms down, greater helpful performers, greater solid, embody greater of the newest technologies, greater helpful aftermarket aspects availability, are greater much less costly to run, preserve and intensely own. and so on, and so on. although, lots of them are approximately as exciting as a microwave. They lack soul, emotion, hobby, character. and of direction, all human beings owns one and you will't tell one from yet another. additionally, lots of the jap superbikes are greater helpful machines than their riders...maximum ideal Suzuki to function gizmos which tame their superbikes down slightly to furnish "usual" riders a raffle at driving properly on them (a solid ingredient, imo). on the different hand, Italian motorcycles are captivating, stirring, fussy, intense upkeep, passionate, memorable (like various women human beings i understand). The tingle you get every time you experience is worth each penny. Chris playstation . The Ferrari Enzo, Italy's penultimate supercar, is extremely costly with easily wonderful overall performance. Very unique. merely seven-hundred have been made, and you probably did no longer get to purchase one merely with the aid of fact you had the money. Ferrari chosen who have been given them....merely proving that Italian machines at the instant are not on the subject of the numbers...they are on the subject of the existence form and the adventure.

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