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myspace music???????

how do i make my own music myspace?

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    You can add songs to the myspace playlists and depending on whether you have the old or new version it will give you the option of showing it on ur profile...if you have the new can go to Edit my profile ==> Song and Video then you click on where it says in blue letters: "Click here to manage songs in my music" and it will send you to Myspace music where can see all the playlists...some are sent on private by default and others on Public...when you add music you can choose to what playlist to add it to. If you have the old version...I believe you go to Edit Profile and then to Music and from there you will see a link to send you to Myspace music..cant help much there becuase i have the new version...

    Hope i helped

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  • klavon
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    4 years ago

    I'm beautiful disappointed approximately the brand new track participant as good. I emailed buyer offerings or something complaining approximately it haha. I attempted so as to add a track to my profile, went on there at present, and there have been like three I've under no circumstances obvious in my lifestyles. Too elaborate for my liking. I agree, Tom will have to've left it, he is screwing up myspace massive time.

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    go to myspace music and add songs or I went to and made a playlist and added it to my page.

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    go to and start adding songs, it will add to your page automatically. then you can add some really cool skins to the player, you can find them here:

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