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How does Lymphoma start?

How does it start and how does it end? And what are some signs of Lymphoma?

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    Lymphoma is cancer of the lymphocytes aka white blood cells. Lymphoma can start anywhere. Essentially, something goes wrong in the cell division process and one of the white blood cells start dividing out of control. As they multiply, the bad guysl begin to accumulate and form tumors or masses that enlarge the lymph nodes or spread to other areas of the lymphatic system, such as the spleen or bone marrow. They can also spread to other organs like the liver or lungs.

    Lymphomas are considered systemic or blood cancers, because lymphocytes have the capacity to travel anywhere in the body to fight infection.

    Symptoms of lymphoma vary depending on the kind. Usually an enlarged lymph node or lymph node mass is the first sign. Lymphoma nodes typically feel rubbery and aren't painful. Other symptoms can include night sweats, fevers, and weight loss. Depending on what part of the body is effected, you could also see coughing (for example if there are chest masses). Hodgkin's Disease classically causes pain upon drinking alcohol and itching. Certain lymphomas cause skin rashes. Etc.

    Blood work is also sometimes abnormal -- a high LDH, ESR, abnormal counts of lymphocytes, anemia, low or high platelets, etc. Liver functions, kidney functions, etc. may also be off depending on what is being effected.

    Lymphomas will continued dividing out of control if not treated. Many lymphomas can be treated and cured with chemotherapy and radiation.

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