If we say we are after terrorists, why not crack down on the KKK, skinheads, and Aryans?

Gun sales went up in all White areas, especially those the Klan owns, since Obama was in and they threatened to kill 88 people by decapitation and to then kill Obama. On election day where were all of the police helicopters and troopers that flooded the streets of the Black communities after the police who killed the young Sean Bell were allowed to go free?


Research on the Black Panthers will reveal that they helped the communities abandoned and attacked by the government. White supremacist organizations only focus on killing Black people and other racial groups. They are not there to help their communities. The only violence the Black panthers did was in self-defense. They followed police with law books and legal weapons. The bloods formed originally as Panthers in Red Uniforms (PIRUS). They went into the roughest of areas where Blacks were trying to survive and helped to get them politically conscious. The crips were people fed by the breakfast programs panthers started to feed the communities. None of these groups were harmful before their presence became a threat to Whites, who did not like the fact that they disturbed the profits and challenged those in the White establishment who abused their power. Their services like food and clothing drives, liberation schools actually teaching Black students, free medical programs were

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a threat. They also worked with poor oppressed Whites like the Young Patriots and with the Young Lords to bring about changes. The street organizations like the bloods and the Panthers from which they originate suffered from COINTELPRO and J. Edgar Hoover. They were called public enemy number one as Marcus Garvey was simply because they were trying to help the Black community and did not believe it was okay to oppress them. COINTELPRO spread propaganda in the news, intercepted panther mail to create problems between panthers, sent people to infiltrate the groups and start feuds so they could kill one another off. This is stuff that not disputed. Check it out for yourself. What has the Klan done but kill and lynch people, dismember them, voter intimidation, and burn them? Panthers guarded the polls on Election Day because of threats. The Panthers never advocated the killing of people simply because they are White. They are the Black Panther Party for self defense.

Update 3:

When Blacks are cornered in an area where the supply lines are cut off by institutionalized racism as I thoroughly describe in many of my posts, and they are denied a thorough knowledge of self, and the only economic opportunity is the drug trade that Whites make available to them, and police are only there to protect White people, property, and gentrification, what options do you allow but for the people to protect themselves and to do for themselves? Black people don't sit around like victims when discrimination robs them of opportunity, they fight to survive even if it sometimes means bending or breaking the rules that their oppressors hold them to but do not follow. Not many of the answers explore the options from the point of view of the oppressed.

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The last thing the clan did was drag a man from a truck until he was dead in Dallas Texas. Also, a family of them kidnapped a woman and together they raped her and forced her to eat rat feces, dog feces, to drink urine, and to undergo humiliating treatment by an entire family while being stabbed and told that this is what was done to Kunta Kinte. They also beat her until she died. In both cases police tried not to call it a hate crime and tried not to even press charges until the Black Panther chairman, an expert at law, challenged it. The Panthers are not the one who resembles the Klan. The police do in what they did to Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Spruill, Zango, etc.

Update 5:

The Klan is being more slick in what they are doing because they can more readily blend in with a White supremacist system. They have no reason to be angry, all they have to do is play their role. However, some of them are angry as you can see from the posts because the Whites with more power are making them believe that the reason they are not more privileged is because of Black people. If it was not for groups like the Panthers, who defended the Black communities against lynching and police brutality in the past up until today, it would be worse. There are some areas in Florida and Tennessee where nooses and confederate flags are hanging openly and where Black people dare not walk because they will be arrested or killed as we all know.

Update 6:

These organizations do not stop with disenfranchised youths. They are not dying either. The keystone Skinheads, Racial Holy War, The Aryans, The KKK and others have formed a united front through Metzger and have grown very recently. When they marched in a parade celebrating the dragging death of a Black man after not faces any consequences at first, it took the Panthers to chase them out of Dallas because the police did nothing. It also took panther lawyers to get justice. When the Black Panthers marched in the African Day parade recently calling for equal rights and fair treatment, and for Black unity police attacked the line and arrested what they call the Harlem 5 and 500 people in the community. This was September 21st. I don't see police taking the same attitude with these groups that they do with civil rights groups and Black nationalists. They don't poison KKK leaders, plant women on them to poison them and learn their secrets, etc etc.

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    One of the major problems is the rhetoric against perfectly innocent people, which is making some young people feel justified in beating, torturing and killing people. Yes the Skinheads, KKK, Aryans, and those who hate people they see as different from themselves are dangerous.

    The annual report by the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission showed hate crimes rose by 28%, to 763, July 25, 2008

    In what commission Executive Director Robin Toma called an alarming trend, hate crimes based on race, religion and sexual orientation all rose, increasing against nearly all groups -- including blacks, gays, Jews, Mexicans, whites and Asians -- even as crime in general declined.

    Black Teen Beaten by Whites Shouting 'Obama'; Incident on Staten Island Ruled a Hate Crime

    Ali Kamara, 17, says he was beaten and hit with a baseball bat by a carload of white men who attacked him on the night the country elected its first black president, Barack Obama. The attackers shouted "Obama" before the assault, police said.

    It is the only act of violence directly associated with Obama's election reported in the city, but community leaders said they have been fielding calls all week from black residents who have been the victim of harassment or racial slurs.

    No arrests have been made in the Kamara case, although the U.S. attorney's office of the Eastern District of New York and the FBI announced on Friday they had joined the investigation.

    This year a 15 year old was shot to death in his classroom in a California school. He was shot by a 14 year old because he was gay.

    Teenagers in NY. went out looking for a Latino man to beat and beat and stabbed Marcello Lucero to death Nov. 11.

    Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998) was a gay American student at the University of Wyoming who was murdered near Laramie on the night of October 6–October 7, 1998. Shepard died at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, on October 12, 1998, from severe head injuries. His murder brought national as well as international attention to the issue of hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels.[1]

    On april 23, 2006, two skinheads, David Tuck, 19, and Keith Turner, 18, brutally attacked a 16 year old hispanic boy.

    They punched him, kicked him repeatedly in the head with steel toed boots, stripped him, burned him 17 times with cigarettes, tried to carve a swastika into his chest, poured bleach on his face and body, yelling ethnic slurs. David Tuck kicked an outdoor umbrella pole up into the boy’s rectum, severely damaging his internal organs.

    On april 17, 2007, David Ritcheson, the victim of this brutal hate crime, testified before congress in support of the “local law enforcement hate crimes prevention act”. Under current law, the FBI had no grounds to investigate the attack, because it occurred in a private yard. to be a “hate crime”, it had to occur in a place of public access. This is what david wanted changed.

    “I appear before you as a survivor...I am here before you today asking that our government take the lead in deterring individuals like those who attacked me from committing unthinkable and violent crimes against others because of where they are from, the color of their skin, the God they worship, the person they love, or the way they look, talk or act.”

    On may 3, 2007, the house voted 237 to 180 in favor of the “local law enforcement hate crimes prevention act”, also known as ”The Matthew Shepard Act”. It will now go on to be voted on by the senate, though president GW Bush has indicated that he may veto the bill.

    On july 1, 2007, David Ritcheson jumped to his death from a carnival cruise ship headed to cozumel.

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    I consider the KKK to be a hatred group,but you may be on to some thing.They may be a terrorist group and possibly they should be dealt with as such. The Nazi skinheads i feel is more of a gang although they have many things in common with the KKK and may be more of a threat then the KKK..No matter what the two groups are,they are racist, misinformed,dangerous and should be expelled at what ever means necessary. Here is some useless trivia for you,The Nazi Swastika was the sign for peace and love before Hitler used it.

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    Sean Bell, are you serious? You do realize he was involved in a drug crime and that is why he was running from the cops in the first place.

    You need to stop looking for excuses. The Police were doing their job and Sean Bell was resisting.

    Black, white, yellow or brown, that is what happened with Sean Bell.

    If you want African Americans to stop being sectioned off into a different view to people, then stop making yourselves victim all the time.

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    Because they don't possess a large, organized threat. When was the last time the KKK flew a plane into a building or did anything other than put on a bunch of sheets and march down the street of some backwater burb?

    Most of the Aryan groups in the US lost their steam in the 1980's, with the big dog, Tom Metzger, going bankrupt.

    Sure there will always be pockets of this ignorance anywhere you have disenfranchised youth with poor parental influence (and that ain't limited to the White race either pal!), but generally speaking, it's a pretty minor threat compared to what's going on with other groups in the Middle East.

    Gun sales went up because of fears that Obama will change the 2nd ammendment to restrict sales, which is a very credible possibility. I don't see any real correlation between that and racist group uprisings. Plus (thankfully) in our country, people cannot be tried or convicted of anything UNTIL they do it, so assuming someone might do something with a gun they just bought is a violtion of that person's civil rights.


    The ignorant, uninformed or racists themselves can thumb me down all day long, but what I've stated is fact. If you dispute my facts, just say so and name your source.


    Since I live in Dallas, I can certainly tell you I'm not aware of any of what you cite as far as Dallas events; at least not as anything that made the news here or were recent events. Not saying you made it up, but it hasn't come to my attention as a Dallas citizen.

    As for Metzger and skinhead groups; I didn't say they were gone, but they aren't nearly as visible, active, organized or financed like they were in the 80's. I'm sure the internet, and their ability to impart info that way has changed that, but I do think, Obama's Presidency possibly creating an exception, that they are down in numbers and influence from where they were 20 years ago. That is thanks in no small part to Morris Dees and the efforts of the Southern Poverty Law Center, as Dees is the attorney who sued and bankrupted Metzger.

    I also never said that these groups weren't bad or shouldn't be monitored. I just don't equate them, or their potential harm on society on the same level with Al Queda or other militant Islamic groups of that ilk.

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    Even Clarence Thomas has stated that the KKK is a terrorist organization. These right-wing groups have to be watched. The domestic terrorists will make a resurgence and become active again as they were when Clinton was president. They'll start forming their militia groups, plotting to blow up federal buildings and abortion clinics and engage in their other subversive activities with even more determination because they are incensed at the thought of a black president.

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    Really? What areas does the Klan own? Zero. The number of white-power people in this country is so small that it doesn't matter, and the two would-be assassins hadn't gotten any further than filling up on gas before getting caught.

    In the meantime, two Black Panthers were taped standing in front of a polling place with weapons.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I see there are many hypocritical bigots who have responded to your great question.

    As O'Reilly would say: You don't reward bad behavior with more bad behavior...I guess the KKK are seen as good in many of the eyes here!

    Absolutely f*ckin pathetic!

  • 1 decade ago

    Cute: You forgot Nation of Islam, Black panthers, Crips, bloods, black gangster disciples, Bill Ayers, and any number of others that ara actually out their killing others.

    The 2 stooges that had PLANNED to kill were well before Obama was elected, and they were so stupid, they could not get out of their own back waaater town. THey are not an organization like all the above

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    Because they don't kill people. The black panthers are just as much terrorists as the KKK. Neither do car bombs or kill to get their message across. And those that do are taken care of by the law.

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    These groups, while still terrorist, do not pose anywhere near the threat that Islamic extremists pose. They just aren't that significant in terms of their numbers. Do you personally know anyone who's a member of the KKK for example?

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