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How does water retention from increased sodium effect you?

Is it good for you.. or bad or neither or both. My diet has a lot of salt in it when i'm eating healthy to loose fat. These salts come from tuna, hot sauce, bran cereal, jalapenos, bread, and other such foods. So what if I retain water? Isn't water good for me... i'm fine with looking bloated if these foods help me loose fat and then after I have lost fat I can reduce a lot of the sodium in my diet. So what's the deal with water retention caused by sodium?

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    Well, the reason you retain water is because the salt absorbs water your body needs, so in turn, your body holds onto all the water it can, thus, making you bloated. Too much sodium is NOT good for you. It can eventually cause hypertension. My advice would be to drink loads of water if you're goin to continue with this salty diet, to counteract all the salt. Make sure you eat enough protein and fruits and vegetables, by the way.

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    No, potassium (like sodium) is a solute, that means it keeps water within the frame as a result of osmosis. Potassium and Sodium in lots of features are very alike, so pronouncing they're opposites could be very deceptive. Just drink adequate fluids such as you mentioned and you'll be able to be great.

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