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Motors for cars - Electric?

what motors are available for electric conversions in vehicles

Power,Torque, Loads etc.

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    I converted a Geo Tracker to electric, using an Advanced DC L91-4003 motor and a Curtis 1221C controller. See my MySpace photos in the EV Project album at

    Also see my Web site at,/ and see - they sell most of the components and have a good FAQ there. has some good bigger motors, so does

    Write if I can help.

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    Depends on the vehicle and the amount of batteries that your are going to use. Total battery voltage will also be a factor on weather a DC or AC motor is used. Higher voltage allows for the use of inverters and AC motors with regenerative braking . DC can have regenerative braking but require some switching gear.

    The number of batteries effect the total weight and that effects motor size and torque requirements.

    There is a design circle that you work around several times fleshing out a rought design that will accommodate the target vehicle..

    In my opinion the best conversion platform is a pick up truck as it can handle the weight of 12 to 18 lead acid batteries easily(At teh expense of cargo carrying capacity). The more lead you carry (read as batteries) the more range the vehicle will have. You can shoe horn batteries into a small car but the suspension of the small car was never designed to handle large amounts of weight and space is limited for battery placement.

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