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where can i donate my old clothes?

so i have plenty of old unwearable clothes and i was wondering if there is a place in houston, texas were i would take it so that it can be recycled.

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    To which ever homeless shelter you have in Houston. They will recycle them almost immediately by giving the clothes to someone who truly needs them.

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    Clothes Donation Houston

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    I donate old, worn clothing i do no longer positioned on anymore with the aid of fact i don't have the money to donate new clothing to charity. If I did have the money, i might donate further and extra helpful stuff.

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    If they are unwearable because of the condition, then just put them in the trash recycle. If they are in good/fair condition turn them in to goodwill

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    Aren't there thrift stores in Houston? Salvation Armies? Good Wills? Anything???? Where I live there are also big bins scattered throughout the towns that are designated for used clothing and linens. The organization that owns them comes to empty them periodically and distributes them to where they can be used.

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    Is there any of those metal drop box at malls or in a plaza? We have them all over. You just drop bags of clothes and shoes in the compartment. Find a Good Will or Salvation Army or second hand shop. Look in the yellow pages.

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    I don't know what part of town you're in, but I like to give our old stuff to either NW assistance ministries or Cypress assistance ministries. Some of the stuff is given directly to the needy and some is sold in a store front with the proceeds going to the needy. I know this is also what Goodwill does, but it seems like they sell their stuff for more than NAM or CAM (this could also just be my mistaken impression).

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    Salvation army, Goodwill, homeless people, and local second hand stores.

    Here is a list of places in Houston:

    Source(s): Google maps :D
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    Burlington Coat Factory is holding their annual coat drive right now, so if you have any coats that you don't wear anymore, they are a great option! They partnered with One Warm Coat to get the donated coats to people in need in communities around the country.

    Check out their website for more information

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    whatever you do don't give it to the salvation army or goodwill they just give it a really high price and make good profit off it you should just donate it to a home less shelter.

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