What does "work an angle" mean?

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    "Work an angle"usually means to make something suit your needs or purposes. There's something in it for you even when there is not.It can be good/not-so-good,or bad but it usually refers to things that are not-so-good. Selfish!

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    In the roman empire they had slaves from Britain and the surrounding areas. The people were of two races the anglo and the saxen's. the saxens at that time were not a "pride-full" race so they were more submissive to the romans. However the "anglos" were very "pride-full and ignorant" so they did not submit well to being a slave. Seeing how they were of lesser intelligence it was harder to get them to do the more difficult work. The most common work was farming. When the landlord was going to do field work he told his staff that he was going to "work the anglos" and so it has came to mean "to work at an task from a certain direction or way or to use a chosen method.

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    Working an Angle is from combat specifically boxing, while trying to overcome an opponent by attacking an angle the opponent can not strike or counter strike with full power. This provides more opportunities to win a fight, work an angle means exploiting a weakness or utilizing a more dynamic strategy too improve one's position.

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    an 'Angle' is a view on something

    To Work and Angle is to try to solve it from a certain point of view

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    Working on the corner...

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