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Alice Cullen/Rosalie Hale movie costume?

I want to be one of the Twilight characters for the movie. I have long blond hair but I can cut or dye it so it is really the costumes I need help with. I would like to keep it under 20 dollars and also comfortable enough to sit in for a two hour movie. I have dark blue eyes and don't wear contacts so help on making them look black is great.

Oh yeah, I have a denim jacket that has quarter sleeves and is kind of fancy. Would this help the costumes? Descriptions of Alice and Rosalie costumes are great!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well the Cullens try to fit in remember so try to look normal but fashionable


    1. Go to the beauty salon, and dye your hair bleach blonde, or a light blonde. This is only if you actually want to look like Rosalie, not Nikki Reed.

    * Take some bobby pins, and pull the longest parts of your hair up, and pin them to your hair. Straighten, or curl the bottom part. When that's all done, take the bobby pins down, then pull the very longest part up again, and get the part under it. When that's done, do the top part, then pull half of your hair back.

    2. Make sure you clean your face with soap, or some kind of cleanser every day.

    3. Go and get a foundation that's actually a few shades lighter then your skin tone. Make sure when you apply it, you rub it in, and it looks natural. Next, get powder that is the same color, and apply it with a brush, not the pad that comes with it. Then, if you want to get the "just fed" look. Get the lightest shade they have in blush, and apply it on the on your upper cheeks.

    4. Go out and buy some contacts. They actually make some, that all it does is change your eye color. And it doesn't mess with your vision. Get either the colors: Dark yellow, or dark purple. You can even get both, so that yellow means you just fed, and purple means you haven't fed in a while. If you want to be a Rosalie who is a real vampire that drinks human blood, get red.

    5. Get some Kohl eyeliner, make sure it's the solid liner, and not liquid that you put on your bottom lids. Apply it under your eye lashes, and then on top. Make this in a even line. Then get some Liquid eye liner, and put it on your top lids. Start in the middle, with a thin line, and then bring it all the way out to the corner of your eyes. But make this look natural. Then fill in the line in the corner of your eyes. Take a eye lash curler, and curl your eyebrows BEFORE you apply mascara, or you will rip your lashed out. Then apply as much mascara as you can to your top lashes, but none to the bottom ones.

    6. Get some blood red lipstick, and apply it on your lips.

    7. Wear shirts that show some cleavage, that are in style. An pants that are dark, and tight. Wear high-heel shoes with skinny jeans, that looks hot.

    8. Get some purple eye shadow and rub it underneath your eyes. Make sure it has no sparkles on it! And put this same one on your top lids.


    1. If you like, cut your hair. Bring pics to your stylist. You can also dye it black or dark brown, if it isn't already.

    2. If you can afford it, buy butterscotch/golden or black or colored contacts.

    3. Don't tan! Not only is it bad for your skin, you won't be able to pull off the vampire thing very well. Use sparkly pale makeup for any skin showing.

    4. Dress fashionably in high-quality clothes. The clothes should sublty hint at designer clothes.

    5. Become great at planning. You should be prepared for several possible outcomes and plan lots of exciting parties and events.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alice- chocker with the crest on it

    a black fancy shirt

    blue jeans

    Rose- crest necklace

    white shirt w/ a black or red vest over it

    (ur choise 2 butten it or not)

    black high heels

    hope this helps!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Alice: dress in the latest fashion! i was her 4 halloween, and i wore a tight black top, with a cute pair of tight jeans. easy.

    Rosalie: this is hard. probally wear a blue top and jeans.?

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  • 1 decade ago


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