Will the army allow me to ship more than one POV to hawaii.... and what about a boat?

Will the Army allow me to ship more than one POV to hawaii?

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    no. Only ONE POV is authorized to be shipped at government expense. any additional will be at your own expense. as for the boat.. not really, unless it is small enough to be counted as part of your HHG weight allowance and can be crated up( like a motorcycle would be).

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    No, you have to choose which one you want and put the others in storage or sell them. Which is why there are always so many cars for sale OCONUS. When we went to Germany, we sold both cars and bought a Saab over there (much cheaper). Then we bought a used Audi for $1,600 which my husband drove to work and back. We used the Saab for traveling. Then we bought an RV over there to travel in too, for $10,000.

    When we left, we shipped back the Saab, sold the Audi for $1,800 and the RV for $14,000. So we got the use of them while we were there and sold them for a profit!

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    Short answer, no! The military only allows you to ship one personal vehicle. Unless you and the person you are married to are both in the military then you can ship two vehicles. Other then that you have to pay out of your pocket.

    Source(s): US Navy active
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