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what breed is kelly osbourne's new dog?

the picture can be found at:

i think it might be a puppy husky but not sure. does anyone know what it is?

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    According to magazine sources, it IS a Shiba Inu she bought for herself for Christmas but is thinking of giving it as a gift to someone. I think this girl has issues and I feel for her dog, she recently just bought a Puggle too which has prompted fans to go get one too. She cant train or care for the many she already has, and why does she keep getting more. She bought it from a pet store.

    Source(s): 9 years as Shelter manager, wildlife rehaber, raising orphaned animals, investigator for animal abuse\neglect and years of owning,training, breeding many types of Animals
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    It is a Shiba, she doesn't know what she is in for. They are not a lap dog the are one of the closest domesticated relatives to the wolf.

    They are very cute and loving however they are VERY hard to train. They are strong-willed and very ME oriented. They are a dog that has to be on a leash at all times because they will run off and they will not come back when they are called. They are not a dog that is willing to please their owner they want to please themselves.

    The shiba is a great dog but they need a very commited owner.

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    I'm thinking it's a little shiba inu puppy.

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    Judging from the small paws im gonna guess shiba-inu, and probably a creme one.

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    in her recent interview with her mom, she had the puppy with her and it was mentioned the dog was a 'teaspoon {-v- teacup} Pomeranian.

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    It looks like a white huskie or a White German Shepherd!

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