Why are liberals so hated by the Right?

I don't understand it, we want people to have rights, and to live life of freedom, but why are we somehow evil people, who hate our country or something?

Why is it so wrong to be intelligent?

These things all considered liberal, yet you hear people attacking us for being elitist, just because we have an education and support protesting against Government.

Why are we so hated?


Andrew L: This came about because someone sent me a message on youtube using liberal as an insult. I know there an plenty who are smart, but I'm not referring to them.

Update 2:

Captain Falcon: You make a fair point, please don't insult me though, there people both sides attacking, but what I hate is this air of anti-intellutualism in America.

But nonetheless, I in no way endorse their actions, Liberal philosphy translates into wanting freedom for all, and people rights to be respected :).

Update 3:

Witchy: Glad to see a Conservative answer, and it's true we're shades of grey not black and white, we both have extremes and most of us don't embrace those groups, great answer, I'd kudos if I had enough points.

Update 4:

Lydia: I could say much about Republicans, but i won't, I believe in freedom and rights, and I believe I'm a classic liberal, more like the free thinkers of old, than of now. But still, stop putting it in shades of black and white, it isn't.

Update 5:

tjoyc200: Some valid points you make, but you have to see abortion debate both sides, I don't encourage it, but some people have no other choice?

Also, traditional liberals are for freedom and rights. I wouldn't equate myself with most of them, probably now, they've lost roots of ideals.

but you have a valid answer, even though slightly bias, we disagree, but still Old Liberals wants rights and freedom for everyone.

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    Because people are confused between what is a 'classical liberal' and a modern 'progressive liberal'. Those are the hated ones.

    A classical liberal is one who wishes to retain all rights for all people that are possible to keep. To legislate against or discourage behavior that does not harm another is contrary to the natural human social condition. To deprive a citizen of any form of life (sending young men to die in unnecessary wars would be one example), Liberty (prison, financial hardship for victimless 'crimes') or property (unjust taxation) is the antithesis of the view of the classical liberal. Idiot Neocons would label some of these points as 'hippie crap', but they are really just human rights under natural law.

    However; the modern "progressive" liberal is just a communist / socialist in a patriotic parade. That is a creature to be hated. The Federal government has attained far more power and control than was ever intended, and these evil wannabe dictators just want to give it more and more. All this, when history has proven again and again that it CANNOT work.

    Libertarians are classical liberals.. but we refuse to use the term, because it conjures images of socialist Democrats like Kennedy and Pellosi.

    We don't like their policies much, so we distance ourselves as far as possible.

    Check the party out... you might be surprised at what you see. And we could use your help, as we want the same things you do.

    Also; the anti-intellectualism that you feel is likely aimed at academia. Sheltered tenured professors who never had to survive in the real competitive world, sitting around in walnut-paneled studies philosophizing about how the world should be are hardly going to garner a whole lot of respect from those of us who have to fight our way through the trenches to survive on a daily basis.. especially when we pay half of their salaries through confiscatory taxation. Those are the elitists that we despise.

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  • There has been a lot of hatefulness going around the last ten years or so.

    Like there is only one kind of person for each group label. Like every Democrat is a Liberal. If you voted Democrat in 2004, you were not a Christian. If you did not support the War on Terror 100% you were not patriotic and being hateful to the soldiers. That is pure propaganda.

    Bullies make me mad. If a person is a free thinker, he better not be a free speaker. Not lately. Even the Clinton years were badgered by Kenneth Starr, he interrupted the Guy I elected into the White House. I hired President Clinton to work for me and My People, and Kenneth Starr cared more about being right, and proving the President, a man got an illicit ********.

    It started then, when people started being afraid for going against the bullies. We The People have gotten lazy with our Government. We need to flip off the tube, and get to work. When I hear propaganda from my friends and loved ones, I call them on it.

    Source(s): the truth, the way & the light
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  • Witchy
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a conservative and I don't hate you. We simply have different ways of looking at things. I don't automatically hate people that I disagree with. Some of our differences are:

    Gun control. I see this as a 2nd amendment right. I oppose additional gun laws because the only people they effect are law-abiding citizens. A liberal would want more gun laws to try to control who is allowed to own one.

    Size of the federal government. I would like to see the size of the federal government get much smaller with the power/responsibilities given back to the individual states. It's easier for the people to be in control when the main power of the government is close to them instead of far away in Washington DC. Besides, the people in one state may have very different needs than another. A Liberal likes the idea of a large federal government and all of the states being under the same rules and regulations from DC.

    Fairness Doctrine. This is legislation that tries to force private radio stations to be censored and then forced to air views that the station may not want. An example of this is if a Private Christian radio station aired views opposing abortion, it would then be forced to air support for abortion. I feel that this infringes on a person's free speech. A Liberal feels that every view needs to be aired--even on private radio stations.

    Affirmative action. I feel this is reverse discrimination and that a person's race, heritage, or gender should not help or hinder them. A Liberal feels that affirmative action is needed because having diversity is more important than giving the position to the person who is more qualified.

    Few people have all liberal views or all conservative views. It's usually a mixture. Both Liberals and conservatives truly want what's best for the US. We just have different ideas about what's best. And that's okay.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A general difference in views is what causes this hatred. There are plenty of liberals that attack conservatives as well. I know it doesn't make sense from your point of view, but if you actually talk with some intelligent conservatives, you may yourself be left pondering their remarks. I've heard some brilliant retorts during debate. They generally dislike sharing, a big foundation of liberal beliefs. They don't understand why someone who bought a house they could not afford gets tax breaks, while someone who refrained from buying a house because they could not afford it gets nothing. They think that those that have been smart and hardworking should be rewarded while the lazy and stupid should be left to fail. I myself am strongly liberal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's statements like, "Why is it wrong to be Intelligent" followed by "people attacking us for being elitist" that shows why the right dislikes the left. If people on the left are the intelligent ones, then that kind of pride and arrogance would make the ones on the left seem elitist now wouldn't it? Both are intellegent, and if you are so far one sided, I think you need to look at the other perspective to find a better balance.

    From what I have seen, the fight is ridiculous. The left starts hate campaigns during elections, complains about going to Canada if they lose again, and they declare war by defacing republican banners, but once they win they say the right are sore losers for being sad. During the last elections in my home town they gave rides only to liberals to get to the poles, and said things that were far from balanced or professional (down right personal attacks) against Bush while glossing over and refusing to even discuss any of Kerry's flaws. It was like idol worship, far from objective, and totally sickening.

    Liberal philosophy is not about freedom and respect. It is about decreasing freedom, giving more control to the government, and trusting the government to spend money rather than the people that worked hard to earn it. It is about higher taxes to take from the haves and give to the have nots. It is more socialistic, and is more big government. That is losing freedom to gain programs.

    Liberals also have a different definition of who people are, and whose rights should be respected. Republicans see fetuses as the beginning of a new life, and worthy of respect. Liberals turn their backs on responsibility and support the mother who had sex, but doesn't want the responsibility of a baby. Natural consequences are ignored, and the horrific is tolerated in the pursuit of "rights" and "respect". Abortions are done out of convenience rather than necessity, and mother's hearts are forever wounded by what they are told is a simple procedure.

    As a republican I listen to the point of view of liberals and just because I do not agree I often find that I am attacked. When this happens I shrug, tell them that their way is not the only way of looking at things, and change the subject. If I talk about politics at all in public I open myself up for hatred, attacks, and violence. Is that the "intellegent" party you were refering to? Intellegence is when you hear both sides of the arguement and make an informed decision. Dogma is when you zealously believe something without any consideration to other points of view. I try to share my side, and I often get attacked. Is that intellegent?

    It is gotten to the point where I outright refuse to talk about politics, because of the hatred, and passion without guidance that plagues the topic. If people could sit down, listen to each other, and at least find validity in what the other says, even if they don't believe it completely, it would be less violent.

    I am sick of hearing people say I am less intellegent, because I think life begins at conception. That I am ignorant, because I think those that work hard should keep the majority of their money to spend it as they see fit, and that those who refuse (are able but refuse) to work should not eat. I believe that name calling, insulting language, and blind ingorance are offensive, and I do not tolerate any of it. I am especially put off by the pride and arragance of people that state that they are better than others for the way they believe, and refuse to see the validity of what others have to say.

    I am no more intellegent than you, and you are not more intellegent than me. We have different veiws on many important topics, and we are going to fight to see different things happen. With such differences in opinions we cannot see eye to eye, and with such violence, there is little opportunity to accept the other side even in the most minor ways.

    Why do we hate you? We don't. We just don't like what you say, the same way you don't like what we say.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Liberals only think they are intelligent.

    Is it intelligent to engage in and promote dangerous and abnormal behaviors when all the disease statistics prove it is?

    Is it intelligent to promote teen and promiscuous sex which just results in more disease and abortion?

    Many liberals are so d*mn confused they cannot even figure out if they are a man or a woman, some even mutilating their bodies.

    Liberals are so gullible and indoctrinated they get sucked into believing monkeys are smarter than humans, the white man is responsible for all the ills of the world.

    If you really want to know about the definition of a modern liberal this man explains it to a "T". It's a long video but well worth it.

    Source(s): "How Modern Liberals Think" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaE98w1KZ-c
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I personally hate you because a bunch of you heckled me and called me derogatory terms when I was walking down the street in the USMC t shirt.

    Funny thing thought I wasn't a marine back then yet.

    Oh yeah and before you go all "well that was one time" nope it happens from time to time. Best one was when a lady probably in her 50's gave me the finger for having a USMC sticker on my car haha.

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  • 3 years ago

    those tea celebration nuts frighten the hell out of me. i'm no longer highly enamored with Obama, even if the shortcoming of expertise and racism that has been foremost at those tea events is disgusting and downright frightening. those nuts have shown as a lot as Obama city halls and rallies wearing loaded fireplace hands, and those each and every man or woman is thoroughly oblivious to history and what's quite occurring interior the international. luckily, those nuts in straight forward words make up a small faction of the balloting inhabitants, yet sufficient to get loons like Michelle Bachman elected and supplies you Glen Beck the rankings he needs to stay on the air. even as Bush develop into president, there develop right into a large form of animosity from liberals. even if it develop into reflective of coverage, no longer paranoia. They hated Bush for what he DID, no longer what they concept may take position. it truly is the version. Conservatives are indignant over the bailout, deficits and such. and they have a top to be. yet the position were those tea partiers even as Bush develop into in place of work racking up list deficits, and it develop into he who develop into president even as the bailout exceeded. the position's the outcry over that? rather, those ignorant loons ignore about truth and blame Obama because of their partisan and racial bigotry.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well, because the right always assume that what they have to say is right. as simple as that!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Conservatives feel they aren't allowed to hate Catholics, blacks or jews anymore. They have to hate someone, it's their reason for existence.

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