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Trojan Trouble! :Win32/Renos: What can i do to remove it?

i have just been given this damn virus 'Win32/Renos' which is spyware and has that evil little red circle w/white X on my toolbar and a pop up saying "Your computer is infected!' "Windows has detected spyware infection" "it is recom...blah blah blah..."

My AVG does nothing, and windows malware remover locates it but fails to do anything about it.

What can i do?

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    Download Malwarebytes Anti Malware...saved my computer

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    Ah yes - rogue Spyware, my favorite type of spyware (Not!)

    This stuff is really evil and you'll need to get rid of it as soon as possible before it starts recording information about your system.

    What you need is an Antivirus engine that's actually capable of removing this rogue Antispyware. I recently converted over to PCTools Internet security .. I used to run AVG but got fed up with it always letting me down - so I bit the bullet and never looked back.

    It's one of those decisions you sometimes just have to make!

    Anyhow my friend actually had the Ultra AntiVirus 2009 rogue program, which is a replica of the Renos virus. Anyhow checkout this article to see the Virus in action, and how to remove it.

    Good luck!

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    Win32.Renos.fh is a rogue anti-spyware that show fake warnings and trick the user to download and buy the third party software to clean the infections.

    spyware and has that evil little red circle w/white X on my toolbar and a pop up saying "Your computer is infected!' - smitfraud that comes with a rogue program.

    AVG cannot remove it for it is not a virus:


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    Hi Dear,

    I had that happen to me once.. Sites like that need to be kicked to China.. You need A Trojan Remover only. I use to have the site that works well removing Trojans. Try typing Trojan remover and see what sites comes-up and see which one is the best for you to use.

    Good Luck My Friend.

    Your Friend,


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    Sometimes You can do a system restore to an earlier date. I have done that and got that pop up to stop.

    But last summer I got a really bad virus, and it would not restore or anything. Finally had to take it to a computer store and they had to take it back to new, and cost about $200

    Good luck.

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    Try running windows in safe mode and run whatever antivirus and anti-spyware you've got, then put that virus in quarantine or delete it

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    Learn how to Remove trojan/spyware/adware from your computer here:

    Good luck!

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    Download and run trojan removal tool from to remove the trojan virus from the computer.

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    lol you shouldn't of been on those porn sites, lol but anyways just google that name of the trojan and you will probably find a program that can remove it, they usually cost money, but you can get a free trial. thats what i always do when i get a virus or trojan.

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    Remove the files:-




    Delete the following registry keys





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