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About the weather of Hong Kong


I'm Japanese. I will go to Hong Kong this weekend to travel. I am

looking forward to go to Hong Kong!

By the way, what weather is Hong Kong recently? Is it warm or hot?

I am thinking about the clothes to put on in Hong Kong.

What clothes do they match weather of Hong Kong?

If anybody answers me my questions, I will be glad.

Sorry, my poor English.

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    O genki desu ka?

    My friends from Hong Kong say it has been pretty cold these two years in Hong Kong.

    I suggest you bring some jackets or something with you.

    Opps! I almost forgot to tell you that It is quite dry there too.

    Enjoy your visit!

    Hope it helps.

    Sayonara ^_^ date: 11/11/2008

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  • 1 decade ago

    vmaksan san, thank you!

    No, I can't pronounce and listen English well. Reading and writing English are better.

    I think when I reach Hong Kong, I feel warm there. Because my living city Tokyo is 10-16 ℃ recently. It is cold here.

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    beetle san, I'm surprised your English is good! You don't pronounce English as Engrish?

    Welcome to Hong Kong. Better check the Yahoo weather in HK. This week 24-28℃

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