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本專題針對切換式轉換器的返馳式轉換器為前身設計「返馳式電力轉換器運用在LED燈具」為研究方向,為達到以減少功率損失為目的利用IC UC3842代替傳統運算放大器脈波寬度調變部分(PWM),驅動返馳式電力轉換器的Power MOSFET之開關,藉以控制反馳式電力轉換器導通截止的時間進而控制電壓輸出的大小,輸出電壓至負載LED燈具達成調節LED燈具亮度的目的。並以可以控制輸出電壓控制燈具亮度,讓轉換器更加實用,再用ORCAD軟體模擬分析,驗證實驗理論,最後用Protel 99SE佈線設計電路板,實做「返馳式電力轉換器運用在LED燈具」電路之輸入交流電壓為110V~120V,輸出可調電壓為11V~9V,以驗證理論之可行性。讓本專題更貼近現代科技的應用。


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    The topic for the switch-converter flyback converters designed for the predecessor of the "flyback power converter in the use of LED lighting" for research, in order to achieve in order to reduce the loss of power for the purpose of the use of IC UC3842 in place of traditional op amp pulse width Part of the modulation (PWM), driven flyback power converter of the Power MOSFET switches to control the anti-Chi-power converter on-time cut-off and then control the size of the output voltage, output voltage to reach conditioning load LED lamps LED lamps Brightness. And can control the output voltage control lamp brightness, so that a more practical converter, and then ORCAD software simulation analysis, the experiment to verify theories, with the final Protel 99SE wiring circuit board design, it is a "flyback power converter in the use of LED lamps "The circuit voltage AC input 110V ~ 120V, adjustable output voltage of 11V ~ 9V, in order to verify the feasibility of the theory. Let the topic closer to the application of modern science and technology.

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    This topic returns in view of the cut type switch spreads the type switch “to return for the predecessor design spreads the type electric power switch utilization in the LED lamps and lanterns” is the research direction, to achieve take reduces the power loss to replace the tradition operational amplifier pulse wave width accent as the goal using IC UC3842 changes part (PWM), the actuation returns spreads the type electric power switch's switch of Power MOSFET, so as to controls instead spreads the type electric power switch breakover closure's time then control voltage output size, achieves the output voltage to the load LED lamps and lanterns adjusts the LED lamps and lanterns brightness the goal. And by may control the output voltage control lamps and lanterns brightness, lets the switch be more practical, uses the ORCAD software simulation analysis again, the confirmation experiment theory, finally uses Protel the 99SE wiring design circuit wafer, the reality to do “returns spreads the type electric power switch utilization in the LED lamps and lanterns” input of alternating voltage the electric circuit is 110V~120V, the output variable voltage is 11V~9V, confirms feasibility of the theory. Let this topic draw close to the modern science and technology the application.

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