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(希望能人工翻的最好 因為翻譯軟體的通常不太順..)


這其實是一種為人處世的基本的「德性」、「價值觀」 和「人生哲學」,科學精神、藝術精神和道德精神均包含其中。它追求人生和社會的美好境界,推崇人的感性和情感,看重人的想像性和生活的多樣化。主張思想自由和個性解放是它的鮮明標誌,它以人的價值、人的感受、人的尊嚴為萬物的尺度,以人來對抗神,對抗任何試圖淩架於人的教義、理論、觀念、進行中事業及預期中目標,對抗所有屈人心身的任何神聖。

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    In fact, this is a basic style, the "virtue" and "values" and "philosophy of life," the spirit of science, art and the spirit of the ethics of which are included. Its pursuit of a better life and social realm, highly emotional and sentimental people, who value imagination and the diversity of life. Freedom of thought and personality that is the liberation of its distinctive logo, it's the value of human feelings, human dignity as a measure of all things, the people of God to fight against any attempt to dominate the people of the doctrine, theory, concepts, In the cause and the expected goals, all against any enemy psychosomatic sacred.

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    This is actually one kind of manner gets along with people basic “the morality moral character”, “the values” and “the philosophy of life”, the spirit of science, the artistic spirit and the ethical spirit contain in which. It pursues the life and society's happy boundary, esteems person's perception and the emotion, regards person's imaginal and the life diversification. Advocated that the freedom of thought and the emancipation of man's individual character are its bright symbols, it take person's value, person's feeling, person's dignity as the myriad things criterion, resists the god by the human, resists any attempts to over the Ren religious doctrine, the theory, the idea, to carry on the enterprise and the anticipated goal, the resistance all accuses falsely the mind and body sacredly any.



    Source(s): 英漢字典
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