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我是在飯店工作的郁婷,我們的飯店在新竹的市區叫迎曦,目前飯店有全面改裝重新開幕,有152間房間,是商務飯店,收外國客人較多,我的工作是會計審帳一般的行政工作,負責有效維護飯店會計系統作業,提供正確即時的財務資訊予管理階層及老闆; 並作有效的內控管理,期以最少的成本,創造飯店最大利潤。包括會計出納,收入稽核,應收應付帳款,成本控制,採購,驗收,倉庫。平時一週上五天班,工作時間一天九小時,正常上下班。因為不是連鎖經營的公司,所以福利並沒有很好,只有全勤和生日的津貼。不過比起還在找工作的一些朋友,我的工作已經是不錯的了。希望大家都要珍惜有工作的日子。

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    It was strongly fragrant and graceful that I worked in the hotel, our hotel calls and meets sunlights in the urban area of Hsinchu, the hotel is repacked in an all-round way to open again at present, there are 152 rooms, it is the commercial hotel, accepting more foreign guestses, my work is that an accountant examines the general administrative work of accounts, responsible for maintaining accountant's systematic homework of the hotel effectively, offer the correct financial information immediately to the layers of management and boss; Doing effective accusing of managing inside, one creates the largest profit of the hotel with cost at least. Including accounting cashier, the income is auditted, the account payable receivable, the cost is controlled, purchased, confirm, warehouse. Go to the five days class in one week at ordinary times, in working time is one day and nine hours, normal on and off duty. Because not a company of chain operation, so the welfare is not very good, there are only full work attendance and birthday's subsidy. But compared with some friends who are still looking for a job, my work is good. Hope everybody wants to treasure the day with work.

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    如果你有需要推甄或求職英文的自傳你可以去下面那個部落格看看,他上面有發表很多相關資料,還有許多英文學習相關,還有一些面談面試的要領,你都可以參考喔!你若有問題也可以發問或是留言! ps他上面有很多中英自傳範例你可以參考看看)


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    I am working at the hotel Yuting, our hotel in the urban areas of Hsinchu called Yingxi, the hotel is currently a full re-opening of the conversion, there are 152 rooms in the hotel business, to close more foreign guests, my job is to review the accounting account General administration, responsible for the maintenance of an effective accounting system, hotel operations, the right to provide real-time financial information for the management and owners; and effective internal control management, with a view to at least the cost of creating the largest hotel profits. Including cashier's accounting, auditing revenue, accounts payable, cost control, procurement, inspection, storage.

    Usually five days a week on classes, the working hours of 9 hours a day, the normal rush. Not because the chain of companies, the benefits are not very good, only birthday and attendance allowance. But it is still looking for work than some of my friends, my work has been good. We should cherish the hope that the working day.

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