who was the best contributor to r&b music genre?

who was the best contributor to r&b or who made r&b what it is today? i mean who made the music possible and some brief history about him or her.. please also put a source, thanks!

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    From the beginnings of R&B, the list would be incredibly long including Motown, Stax Records, Atlantic Records and hundreds of others who are seldom remembered.

    *** Note - I'm about to address real R&B, not Hip-Hop, Rap or other music that has been lumped into R&B. I am also addressing just the producer side of things, as artists come and go and are hardly ever the actual writers or composers of their own works.

    Leading to today's R&B music, we owe a great debt to Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley and Babyface.

    Quincy's music bridged the gap from the Motown era to the New Jack Era where Teddy Riley had a major influence on much of the music from the mid 80's through the mid 90's. Teddy's influence may have dwindled slightly after the 90's, but still made a major impact. From the early 90's through the end of the decade, Babyface along with LA Reid brought several artists to fame through his writing and production collaborations, not to mention his own career.

    Quincy (aka "Q") is responsible for music from the Sanford & Son theme song to Tamia's rise to fame not to mention working closely with Michael Jackson and thus being largely responsible for Michael Jackson's skyrocketing into a pop icon after leaving the Jackson 5 in the 80's. Q is the most Grammy-nominated person of all time (79 Grammy nominations and 27 Grammy awards).

    Teddy discovered Hi-Five, founded Blackstreet, Guy and numerous other artists. He also worked with Michael Jackson, SWV and Bobby Brown just to name a handful.

    While all of these artists are multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning, 90's R&B was forged by the influence of Babyface. Babyface, one of the most prolific writers of the era, worked with After 7, The Deele, Jon B, Boyz II Men, Eric Clapton and is credited for discovering Az Yet.

    Bridging the gap from the LaFace era to today are Sean Combs (whatever he's calling himself these days), R. Kelly, Jermaine Dupri, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Brian Michael Cox, Chris Brown & Ne-Yo (from a writing standpoint).

    In short, there is no ONE person who contributed most. As time goes on, music evolves and the torch is passed, but it is mainly the songwriters and producers who forge the identity of the era.

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    The entire Motown catalog is the place to turn first. Of course, you'd also have to bring Aretha Franklin into the picture, and certainly Marvin Gaye. But look for any histories of Motown Records in Detroit as a start (or anthology CDs); there have been several.

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    Elvis is responsible for just about every single type of music that is out there today.

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    aaliyah is one of the most talented r&b singers of all time and without her a lot of artist wouldnt be making music

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    go to www.Myspace.com/DemicoMusic and you will find a great R&B contributor.

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