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Do you think equal treatment of Gays and Lesbians is "not a civil rights issue":?

Oct 1998 - Gay college student is pistol-whipped, tortured, crucified and left bleeding on a fence post by two Christian Republican Men - their girlfriends conspired to provide alibis:

Feb 2004 - 5 Gay Men are murdered in Durham, North Carolina after meeting their attackers on and Durham police refuse that the murders are connected or that they are hate-crimes:

Sep 2005 - White man in Florida beats, strangles and murders gay accountant and leaves him in bathtub, takes car and credit cards:

Feb 2006 - Two White, Straight Men stalk and murder the gay author/comic who created "Curious George":

Mar 2006 - Chicago Man finds out wife is Lesbian and runs over her 3 times with his SUV:

Apr 2007 - Christian Sheriff says that 23 y/o gay man who was stabbed 20 times and had throat slit must have been "driving around and looking to pick up the wrong people" even after it is revealed that victim was lured away by phone:

Feb 2008 - 15 year-old California student is murdered by classmate for wearing a dress to school:

Jul 2008 - Black Christian Lesbian in Maryland is shot and burned in her own home while her son is out of town:

Sep 2008 - New Jersey police conspire to cover-up the sexual orientation and hate-crime status of 3 gay black men and 1 woman (the sister of 3rd victim) who were executed by point-blank gunshot against brick wall:

Nov 2008 - Anti-gay Minister Fred Phelps plans travel to Canada to start protesting films about gay hate-crime victims - as soon as he's done protesting President Obama's grandmother's funeral:

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    It is a Constitutional issue! In our Constitution, it is said that all men are created equal. We had to learn that lesson with Blacks and it was a monumental struggle that some people still do not accept. Now, it has sprung up again in the question of Gay Marriage!

    How can we claim that all men are born equal, if we deny some men and women the right to marry, simply because many people feel it is sinful? They quote the Bible as calling homosexuality an abomination, yet they ignore other Biblical commands and say nothing about it. Either we have a Democracy that gives equal rights to each and every citizen, or we have a Farce which can place limitations on these rights?

    Only criminal behavior should be banned. As a society, we have a responsibility toward each other (Love Thy Neighbor) and antisocial behavior must be corrected. Sexual behavior and what goes on in your bedroom or mine deserves personal privacy. You should not peek into mine and I have no right to monitor yours, unless our behavior involves rape or pedophilia and thus qualifies as antisocial behavior.

    Gays should have equal rights in ALL areas of life in the United States, and so should every man, woman and child that are citizens of this magnificent, though troubled, country..

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    It's a civil rights issue.

    I can add Ronnie Paris Jr. to your list. A 3 year old beaten to death by his father after the father attended James Dobson's parenting class where he was told that smacking kids around will prevent them from growing up gay.

    He got off with 2nd degree murder. Paris' mom also testified that the boy was beaten because his dad didn't want him to grow up gay.

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    It definitely is, and it's a disgrace that Americans, with some example are so backwards on this issue. Even Obama didn't support Gay Marriage but Civil Unions. Shame on Him

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    If the gays continue with this marriage crap. It is going to cause a lot of them to get hurt. I live in Ca. real close to San Fran. They are acting like babies. We voted and they lost. My son is gay and he voted yes. He is afraid that this will cause more hate, and backlash against them. I voted yes because I believe in what our Country was founded on. Is some sick gay people too. Can't forget that either. There is this site called zombie time. The pictures are very graphic though. You should see what the gays did at one of their Gay Pride Fair. Is on that site. 2nd pic made me close the browser. They did this in public, infront of women and children. That is not Freedom of Expression. That is Perversion.

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    Get off the Church's ,be a man and look at your own party Blacks and Latinos voted in prop 8 You know it they know it so don't ignore it and do sometime about it Change now you can do it

    They also voted in your savior

    Just a whole community of homophobes if you ask me Kind of make you sick doesn't it Await your comments as I know you well do the right thing and speck out against these homophobes

    Ho nothing to say about those black and brown communities that voted in prop 8 why?

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    This isn't the same thing as No gay marriage.

    This is murder and assault.

    There is a huge difference.

    People get equal rights. Choices people make make them individuals, but they don't get to infringe on the rights of others by making their beliefs law.

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    All these murders, have no connection to the fact they were gay. If that is the case then we have to take account they have 2 arms as well. How coincidential that all the victims have 2 arms?

    Also people choose to be gay, you however can not choose your skin color.

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    people dont choose to be gay. i have 2 gay friends and they have both said they have always been attracted to the same sex. that doesnt sound like a choice to me. thats sounds like their brains think thats whats natural.

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    i feel for gay people that have to go through those things but being Gay is a choice. I didnt choose to be Black

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    I’m not gay… but I also don’t have the “right” to tell someone else how to live. I’m Happy – who says you can’t be?

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