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Is it size that matters or how you use it?

Now I am getting picked on by my know-it-all step father who claims the bigger the caliber the deader the person. I am not a very strong individual and I own a Walther P22 for home defense with CCI stingers. What is the big deal? Is it really like p*eni*s size for guys? I mean it shoots fricking bullets not bb's for God's sake!!!

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    It amazes me to see how many people think in terms of killing vs. wounding.

    If you have to shoot someone, it is because they're trying to kill you or another person. You need to stop their attack, immediately, or they may very well succeed in killing you. Whether your attacker lives or dies is totally irrelevant. The ONLY thing that matters is that he/she stops attacking you. This can be best accomplished by putting them on their back.

    While shot placement does play a major role in stopping the threat, so do the characteristics of the bullet(s). There are two basic schools of thought on stopping power. One is the big, heavy, slow bullet school, which leans toward rounds such as the .45 acp. The other school leans toward lighter, faster rounds, though concedes that the light, fast rounds need to remain in the body in order to deliver the most energy.

    Though both have their merits, years of war and law enforcement gunfights have taught us that large, heavy, slow rounds (.45) can be far better relied upon to stop an attacker than say 9mm rounds. This is the basis of the mass law enforcement switch from 9mm back to heavier rounds (.45 ACP, .40 SW, 10mm, etc.) after finding their .38s and 9mms lacking when they were needed. Google "Miami FBI shootout" for an eye-opening look at how mindset alone, not to mention drug use and mental illness, can simply invalidate "fatal" hits.

    The bottom line is this. A .22 will kill someone, yes, but will it stop them from killing you? Your .22 is better than no gun at all, but given equal shot placement, you'll stand a much better chance of surviving the day if you're using a stronger round. An attacker is much less dangerous, when they're laying down.

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    Depends if your a good shot with the .22. If you nail an intruder in the right place, they will go down. If your nervous and hit them in the arm,leg or shoulder, they're apt to get to you and take it away with small holes in them that hurt pretty bad, so do you have a good accurate shot is the main question with a .22. On the other hand if you had a 410 shotgun by your bed you can nail them anywhere and they will go down period. It may be fatal, may not, but the fact is they're down long enough to put another shell in and for you to call 911. The .410 shotgun is a great shotgun for women due to not much kick back and is therefore easily controlled.

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    It is shown through testing that a .22 is unlikely to kill a person. Heck, 88% of people shot with handguns live. If you have a .22 the only shot worth taking would be a head (brain) shot. Shots to the body would not penetrate the ribcage in most cases. I know a guy who got shot 9 times in the chest and face with a .25 automatic, beat up the other guy and drove them both to the hospital. The .25 s about 2x as big as the .22. Go with a 9mm minimum. It is unlikely to kill, but will cause enough pain to make the enemy think twice. For a sure kill, use a shotgun.

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    Well look at the weapon in two ways:If you need it and can control your nervous fear should you need it and are a good shot.It will be fine.I like a shot gun because just hearing the round being chambered has a good chance you will not have to fire the weapon.Also if you use the proper round the bullet should remain in the wall and not the neighbors house.There are better weapons for self protection apparently you are a small person.The weapons choice tells me that.I do not think you need a .45 but you could do better.

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    A .22 caliber can be a very deadly round.

    Because the .22 has a slower muzzle velocity, there is a greater chance the round will not pass through. If it hits bone, it will ricochet, increasing your chances of hitting a vital organ. They are also made with cheaper, softer lead, so there is also a high probability of fragmentation, creating several projectiles instead of just one.

    Regardless of what you have, size is not as important as where you put it (no comparison intended).

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    Size makes a difference.

    Large holes stop bad guys faster than small holes. I would NEVER rely on a .22 for self defense. Conventional wisdom is that the .380 is the ABSOLUTE minimum for self defense purposes. a .38 or 9mm would be even better.

    Having said that, the most important factor, period, is shot placement. Center Mass shots with a small round are better than outer body hits (or complete misses) with a larger gun.

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    Well your step father is right. It depends on what kind of person you are. Will your conscious be ok with you shooting someone with a 22 and wounding them or shooting them with a shotgun and killing them? Hmm...

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    I think you're right.

    Any fatal nick is still fatal nowadays.

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    Dead is in fact dead.

    It's not what you shoot, it's where it HITS that is important.............

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    It's how you use it.

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