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the greatest Finals performances?

ESPN Ranking the greatest Finals performances

# 1 Dwyane Wade, Miami, 2006

# 2 Michael Jordan, Chicago, 1998

# 3 Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 2003

# 4 Michael Jordan, Chicago, 1997

# 5 Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston, 1994

# 6 Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers, 1987

# 7 Michael Jordan, Chicago, 1991

# 8 Shaquille O'Neal, L.A. Lakers, 2000

# 9 Shaquille O'Neal, L.A. Lakers, 2002

# 10 Michael Jordan, Chicago, 1992

# 11 Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 1999

# 12 Magic Johnson, Los Angeles, 1988

# 13 Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles, 2001

# 14 Michael Jordan, Chicago, 1993

# 15 Isiah Thomas, Detroit, 1990

# 16 Chauncey Billups, Detroit, 2004

# 17 Karl Malone, Utah, 1998

# 18 Moses Malone, Philadelphia, 1983

# 19 Shawn Kemp, Seattle, 1996

# 20 Bill Walton, Portland, 1977

# 21 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, L.A. Lakers, 1980

# 22 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, L.A. Lakers, 1985

# 23 Larry Bird, Boston, 1984

# 24 Clyde Drexler, Portland, 1990

# 25 Shaquille O'Neal, L.A. Lakers, 2004

# 26 Michael Jordan, Chicago, 1996

# 27 Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston, 1995

# 28 Magic Johnson, L.A. Lakers, 1980

# 29 Larry Bird, Boston, 1986

# 30 Julius Erving, Philadelphia, 1977

# 31 Isiah Thomas, Detroit, 1988

# 32 David Robinson, San Antonio, 1999

# 33 Chauncey Billups, Detroit, 2005

# 34 Tony Parker, San Antonio, 2007

# 35 Joe Dumars, Detroit, 1989

# 36 Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 2007

# 37 Moses Malone, Houston, 1981

# 38 Charles Barkley, Phoenix, 1993

# 39 Scottie Pippen, Chicago, 1992

# 40 Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 2005

# 41 Latrell Sprewell, New York, 1999

# 42 Julius Erving, Philadelphia, 1980

# 43 Ben Wallace, Detroit, 2004

# 44 Cedric Maxwell, Boston, 1981

# 45 Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston, 1986

# 46 James Worthy, L.A. Lakers, 1988

# 47 Adrian Dantley, Detroit, 1988

# 48 Magic Johnson, L.A. Lakers, 1982

# 49 Dennis Johnson, Seattle, 1979

# 50 Wes Unseld, Washington, 1978

2000 : The Diesel was at the top of his powers in 2000, dominating the Pacers in the paint to help L.A. claim its first of three straight titles.

Shaq had 43 in the opener and 41 in the clincher, and he wasn't too shabby in between. Thanks to Indiana's Hack-a-Shaq strategy, O'Neal took an absurd 39 free throws in Game 2 -- even more absurd, he made only 18 -- on his way to a 40-point night in a Lakers win.

For the series, O'Neal shot 61.1 percent from the floor … but only 38.7 percent from the line. Despite the missed freebies, his averages were superhuman -- Shaq's 38.0 points were the second-most ever by a player on a winning team. He also netted 16.7 boards and 2.7 blocks -- and he played more than 45 minutes a game in the series, an insane total for a low-post player.

2001 : The Lakers made one of the most dominating runs in playoff history in 2001, losing only once, and the Diesel again led the way. He averaged 33 points and 15.8 rebounds in a five-game dismantling of Philly, even though he was going against an all-time great defensive player, the Sixers' Dikembe Mutombo. In fact, the Sixers had acquired Mutombo specifically to play Shaq.

Lots of good that did. Even in the Lakers' one defeat, a Game 1 upset in L.A., Shaq rocked and rolled to 44 points and 20 rebounds. In Game 2, he expanded his repertoire by finishing two blocks and an assist short of a quadruple double.

For the series, he averaged 15.2 free-throw attempts per game and 6.2 offensive rebounds, highlighting the behemoth center's physical domination in the middle.

2002 : Still, what O'Neal accomplished was noteworthy. Those Nets weren't much to look at offensively, but they made the Finals with an elite defensive squad. Yet O'Neal obliterated them in the four games, earning a whopping 17 free-throw attempts per contest while averaging 36.3 points and 12.3 rebounds and shooting 59.5 percent from the floor. He even made his foul shots this time, converting 66.2 percent.

Shaq had his opponents demoralized by Game 2, when he scored 36 points in the first three quarters in a 106-83 rout, and he set records for points and free throw attempts in a four-game series. Amazingly, he was whistled for only seven fouls in the four games.

This is why this was always Shaq's Lakers, never Kobe's.

if it wasnt for shaq kobe would just be a afro-headed vince carter (flashy dunks ZERO Rings !)


yup just like 2008 Season MVP that was given to Hobe by the media who said he deserved it just cause he never won it before Cp3 was robbed face it MC stop being a sheep to the media

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    yeah 2006 Finals MVP David Stern was the best.

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    Pretty good list, and great supplemental question. I'd move Kareem's finals up to #3 on the list; he was totally dominant at that time. Others that could be added to the list are Elgin Baylor in 1962. I can't find his finals stats, but for the entire playoffs he went for 38.6 ppg, 17.7 rbg, and 3.6 apg. And he tossed in 61 against the Celtics in game 5, truly amazing considering Baylor scored most of his points by attacking the basket, Julius Erving style, and Bill Russell was guarding the paint, and in his prime. Or Kareem in 1971 as the Bucks swept the Bullets 4-0 Jerry West in 1969, including 53 in game one, and winning the MVP despite being on the losing team. West pulled a groin muscle late in game 5, and it probably cost the Lakers the title. No one mentions that anymore. Despite the injury, Mr. Clutch came back with 41 in Game 7. D-Wade's run against Dallas in 2006 deserves to be on the short list as well.

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    Wade had the best finals performance becuase i said so, and John Hollinger, a knowledgable NBA analyst, happens to agree with me along with many others here in this world. Only Kobe fanboys and Lekr lovers would disagree becuase they dont want anyone to steal KObe's thunder.

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  • 1 decade ago

    jordan should be number 1. his last shot was the greatest and most memorable. wade's performance though reminded me of jordan, so I'm happy seeing wade at the top of the list

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    Wow I'm not reading all that, I disagree tho.

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  • Mount
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    huh you wrote alot and KOBE was a big help

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    true true true

    kobe is nothing without shaq

    shaq is a legend kobe is just riding shaqs D!ck

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    Good to know! whats your question?

    stop sayin "if" because you cant go back in time! just face it!!!

    if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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