sony cybershot DSC-W200--->flash?

i don't know haw to get the flash back on my sony cybershot DSC-W200. Anyone know how??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First thing you can do is reset all the settings to factory default through the Menu button. Navigate to Setup and then look for Reset All, I believe it is. (I don't have a Sony in front of me sorry)

    When you press the flash button on the right side of the round menu dial at the bottom does the flash setting change on the camera or not? When the flash is set to always go off does the camera take a picture without the flash or does it not take a picture at all because it won't flash?

    If you can't get the flash to work, and if the camera won't take a picture because the flash won't work then you need the flash unit replaced. If the camera is less than a year old send it in for a warranty claim.

    If the camera is more than a year old don't bother asking for help at a store, they don't know how to fix anything. Sony will probably want $150+ to fix the camera out of warranty, and anybody who says they will fix it for you will charge you the same or more and just send it in to Sony and have them repair it.

    What you can do is buy a defective camera online and use the parts to fix yours, or let us know and we can help. We are an online digital camera repair business.

    Hope this helps.

    Thomas D.

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