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looking for a 150mm rear spacing frame?

What are a few good bike frames with 150mm of rear hub spacing?

I'm looking for a all mountain - downhill double suspension frame.

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    Why are you set on a 150mm hub? Typically, you want to base your hub search around the frame specs that best suits your riding styles, not vice versa.

    That said, the Santa Cruz Bullit is a 150mm hub and would be a great all mountain ride. If you dont like single pivot bikes, the VP-Free is a similar type of all mountain/freeride frame with the VPP suspension and a 150mm rear end. The Intense SOCOM is another similar bike, but with a bit more travel, that also has 150mm. Some of the Commencals and Rocky Mountain bikes use 150mm, Foes are 150mm, some of the beefier Kona's are 150... As a general rule, if the bb width is 73mm or higher, its likely to be a 150mm for chainline purposes. A 63mm bb is more likely a 135 hub.

    Also, just so you know... a downhill bike and an all-mountain bike are two very different things. A DH bike is gonna be single ring, long travel, slack geometry... an all-mountain bike is really just like a long travel xc rig with two or three rings and a much more snappy geometry for slow speed handling.

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    150mm Rear Hub

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