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Leonardo DiCaprio fans?

omgg Leo's 34th birthday is tomorrow (Nov.11) and im super excited. im thinking about staying home all day and watching all of his movies (yes, i have all of them). Leo is the most talented, gorgeous actor in Hollywood, is anyone else a huge fan and excited for his birthday as me? or am i just overly obsessed and scaring you all?

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    I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You not scaring me!!!! I'm the same way! I love Leonardo!!!!! It's a little late to start, but I REALLY wish I did something Leonardo DiCaprio related! I'm cyberly sing to him

    "Happy birthday to you!"

    "Happy birthday to you!"

    "Happy birthday to Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!"

    "Happy birthday to you!!!!"

    (No one will sue for that right....)

    Anyway, YAY!!! I'm not the only one who knew it was he's birthday!

    I love him, he's the best actor EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a HUGE fan and VERY excited for his birthday!!!!!!!!!

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    yes i am a obsessed fan i have about 15 movies all ready i am watching right now (gangs of new york) i seen this movie with my mom seiryklav

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    i like "The coastline", "The Aviator", "Gangs of manhattan", and "capture Me in case you are able to". he's an outstanding actor. i've got no longer seen "creative highway" yet, yet from a clip my buddy confirmed me, plainly like an exceedingly intense action picture with a great overall performance by making use of him and Kate Winslet i do no longer hate any of his movies, yet i do no longer look after "Romeo + Juliet"

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    cool i know him but im obsessed but he was in the that boat yea i see

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    Christian Bale > Leonardo DiCaprio. And I mean that in thee most heterosexual way possible.

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