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A question for mommies who use Carters....?

Okay I was given Carters Child of mine and just one year clothes, but they dont have like 0-3 tickets on them they just say Small Med Large

Is small like 0-3 months or whats up with their sizing.

Also do you have clothes that say NB and are actually like the size of 3 month clothes? Why are the sizes sooo off?

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    Carters are sized a bit on the big size. My 20 lb one year old (he was 8 weeks early) still comfortably wears 6-9 month size in Carter's clothes.

    I seem to remember that the Just One Year are a bit on the more roomy side as well, but not as big as Carters.

    My guess would be that NB is 0-3, Small is 3-6, Medium is 6-9 and Large is 9-12, but I've only ever seen then with the actual month range on the tags here.

    Baby clothes sizing is crazy, you just kind of have to learn things like Gerber are small, Carters are big and save receipts.

    Have fun dressing baby :-)

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    I pretty much just ignored the sizes, and just matched them up by size, and used them that way. Carter's stuff was all huge. I had a preemie, and even the Carter's preemie stuff didn't fit her until she was 2 months old! Yet, the Gerber's onsies (which she pretty much lived in), fit her at 1 month and they were 0-3 months. My baby is now 6 months (almost 7 months), is 15 lbs, and 25 inches long, and wearing 3-6 month onsies, and 0-3 month pants in Carters. It is crazy. She wore newborn sized clothes until she was 4 months old with Carter's stuff, but in no other brands.

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    A lot of baby clothes have weird sizes like that. I think that small is 0-3 medium is 3-6 and large is 6-9. It gets very frustrating sometimes. Just judge the sizes as best as possible in your own opinion.

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    Your baby will always have clothes bigger then should be.

    They make them a little bigger better to be big them small. And they grow so fast so its ok for the clothes to be a bit big. My son 2 months and I have him in 3 months and 0-3 months clothes right now.

    Typically newborn clothes is from 5lb - 8lb and 0-3 months range from 8lb - 12lb.

    But then again if your baby has long legs or wide chest so forth. Its hard, My son has short legs and a long torso just like his dad. So now my son is in 3 month tops and newborn pants. Go figure

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    O my gosh... the sizing on baby clothes drives me insane!! Its never the same from brand to brand... My daughter is 4.5 months and she wears size 6-9months in Carters brand! Yes I had newborn clothes that were the same size as 3 months and some even the same size as preemies. But to answer your other question... The small med large is based on weight and height, so if the tag is still on it check to see where they classify each size. My 4.5 month old - 18lbs 25in is just starting to grow out of the med. size.

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    I have always wondered why baby clothes are so huge my 1yr old was in the 6mo clothing etc, I think they figure for baggy ok, tight not so for 0-3mo it "fits" the 3mo old on either that or the makers have extremely huge children? lol

    Baggy is cute as long as its not messing with neck/falling off:)

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