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What stables would you make?

Make 1 heel stable & 1 face stable of 4 members each using only the current WWE rosters - Raw & Smackdown only. What would you name each stable? Give a quick storyline of how they would team up or why they're rivals.

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    Heel Stable:Randy Orton,Chris Jericho,Kane,and Big Show

    Name:The Exclamation

    Face Stable:CM Punk,Triple H,Rey Mysterio,Great Khali

    Name:The Furious 4

    Storyline:The 2 Stables became rivals because...OK let me tell u what happened.Orton got him his own stable which is jericho kane and big show and convinced the 3 to team up on cm punk and punk overheard them talking about jumping him so he got his own stable which is hhh 619 and khali after he gathered those 3 he came in the ring and said that he demanded a 4 on 4 tag against orton and he had already knew orton wanted to team on him he orton came out and said that his team was his new stable then cm punk is mine.the end

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    name: the Rated R knights (don't ask me where that came from, Edge said Dark Knight was good in an interview i read!)

    they are sick of people being so straight-laced all the time



    CM Punk


    Jeff Hardy:

    Name: the straight-edge crew (they're a little like the Right To Censor)

    they want to make a difference and change the world

    the feud:

    it's the week before Survivor Series and Mr McMahon has made a 4 on 4 traditional survivor series match pitting Raw against Smackdown. the losing GM will get FIRED

    temporary Raw GM: Shane McMahon

    the match:

    the heels hit the ring first, Edge gets a Mic and he brags about how Raw is the weaker brand. the Babyfaces come out to the ring to a huge pop Shawn Michaels grabs the mic out of Edge's hand and gets speared for his trouble. as soon as the bell rings Edge covers Michaels for the pinfall. he tags in Ryder who wastes no time in beating on Jeff Hardy and rolling him up for the pinfall. Ryder tags in Hawkins who tosses CM Punk into the corner and tags in Edge,who covers him for the quick pinfall meanwhile the referee is distracted because Jeff Hardy will not leave the ringside area. while the ref is busy trying to get shot of Jeff Hardy, Hawkins and Ryder sneak around the ref's back and get a couple of chairs which they hand to Edge and Christian Edge and Christian go into the ring and give Batista an almighty conchairto then they fight over who is gonna cover him, Edge spears Christian and covers Batista for the 3 the heels win. Christian is furious with Edge for spearing him...(Christian is turning babyface and joining the straight-edge Crew) Shane McMahon gets fired on the spot

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    Well one Stable of Batista and Bobby Lashley. They beat up M+M together and their called the beasts. (would be animals but thats already taken...) other would be Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, and Matt Hardy. Bad Boys leaded by John. just against M+M and the beasts.

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