Help with a movie I saw as a kid?

I can't remember much about this movie except for one scene. Two kids were at a carnival or fair. They looked to be in their early teens. One asks for 2 balloons at a carnival stand. He tells the guy to not tie them off. One of the kids takes a breath of helium and starts talking squeaky. The other kid takes a long breath of helium and says "Testing, one, two, three...Oh my god, I can breathe helium!" in his regular voice. He then goes to one of those self heart rate monitors and puts in some money. He starts to control his heart rate, making it lower and lower until the machine says he's dead. At this point, he collapses from exhaustion, but is all right. For some reason, he can control his own bodily functions (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.). That's all I can remember. I think that it might have been featured on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC back in the 80's. If anyone has any idea, I would really appreciate it!

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