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Ideas for New York????????

I am going to New York on Saturday. I am only going to be in New York for 12 hours. So, where are some good places to go? Also, what are some good things to do?

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    1. Go to Central Park - it is one of the largest and most beautiful parks I've ever seen.

    2. Just walk around, buy street food, and take the subway - New York is such an awesome place that you'll find lots of interesting things.

    3. Go to Times Square (it's awesome!)

    4. Go to New York's Chinatown - I've been there, and you can find really cool stuff and really unique and delicious food.

    5. Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden - it's free Tuesdays.

    6. Go to 5th Avenue - it has tons of cool architecture and stores. 5th Avenue includes the world's only NBA store.

    7. Some architecturally amazing buildings are the Empire State Building, the Grand Central Terminal, the Rockefeller Center, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the Seagram Building

    8. Visit the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It has free admission.

    9. New York's amazing and often gigantic cathedrals are also fun to visit. Some good ones are the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, the Riverside Church (has the world's highest carillion tower at 400 ft), and the Gothic St. Patrick's Cathedral (also on 5th Avenue)

    10. The New York Public Library is also amazing

    11. Take a cruise on the Staten Island Ferry (it's free) - you'll be able to see the Statue of Liberty from it!

    12. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge's footpath. The view is amazing! Then you can walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

    13. Visit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, MOMA, and other museums.

    Hope that helps!

    Source(s): I've been to NYC a bunch of times.
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    -Empire State Building

    -Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island

    -Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock Observation Deck

    -Times Square (no trip is complete without a visit to the"Crossroads of the World")

    -Lower Manhattan/Wall Street Area

    -United Nations

    -Central Park

    -Brooklyn Bridge (you can walk across it too)

    -Grand Central Terminal (largest railroad terminal in the country)

    I hope this information is very helpful.

    Good luck

    Source(s): Native New Yorker
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    Go to a bar pick up a guy or gal, depending on you Gender/Martial Status. Ask him/her to take you out for the night, Cause saturday is a party day for most people in NYC (visiting or living here) Or just go see the Body Exhibition at the South street Sea Port.

    Source(s): MDS
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    Canal Street- lots of shopping.

    Time square- very interesting and cool.

    3 story toys r us with a ferris wheel.

    See a play or musical.

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