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Movie Maker - pausing & preventing me from saving... ARRgggh!?

When playing my movie, Movie Maker pauses my clip automatically, at the same spot every time, (does not freeze; it pauses. I have to click 'play' for it to resume.) I realized later that the pause pbm is why Movie Maker won't let me save my clip as a movie. I heard the original video might be corrupt. So I redownloaded from Utube the same video; but the results are the same... I need a fix because of all the work I've put into it already, or some program that will take that file I made & save it as a movie. I don't want to have to restart it... too much work!!

Additional Info: I grab videos from UTube as WMV w/ ClipGrab to make my own clip.

Fixes already tried: I tried to save window movie on different locations // downloaded Windows Service Pack 2 as a fix // Freed up space // Defragmented // rebooted // tried to save under different formats // tried to unclick decodex under Tools...

Please spare me: 'Movie maker is a piece of crap' // 'This is how you save a movie' // 'Buy this software for only $150' // Any lame commentary that is worthless - I actually need a solution


1 Answer

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