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Wanting to change my name in Ontario, Canada. Will I have a hard time? Thanks?

Hi, I wish to change my name in Canada, will I have a hard time?

Hi, I am a Canadian living in Canada, not born in the country though. I am turning 18 this November and I wish to change my name. I am a male and my name is "Hollie", my mom being a foreigner did not know that it is usually a girl's name.. She got the idea for the name by looking into the word "holiday" and named me "Hollie" and my little brother "Hoddie". Always ridiculed because of my name, I have hated my name all my life and I would want to change my name to a more convenient/common name. I have heard that you need an official reason to change your name, will I have a hard time? Is my reason good enough? Thanks.

Also, how long does this process usually take? The site says 6-8 weeks but I know how bureaucrats are able to clutter things up

P.S. I am currently not in school or anything, applying for university sometime in January so I should not have a hard time convincing everybody that my name has been changed..

Thanks again

By the way, I am going to need to replace my SIN, Citizenship card and my OHIP... Currently looking it up but any addition information would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Hi, before I choose a best answer, could anybody (by editing or fresh posting) tell me how I can get documents like diplomas changed? If I get an official name change certificate, could I send that into the respective schools and get a new diploma with my new name? Thanks

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    You need to apply for a legal name change document first. That document will be needed in order for your SIN, citizenship document, OHIP and even bank information can be changed.

    So, first you have to do a formal name change. That link is here:!ut/p/.cmd/cs/.ce/...

    They normally do not give you a hard time...unless you were changing your name to something very obscure or profane.

    I work at a place where I see name changes usually is 6 weeks, assuming everything is filled out properly.

    To replace your SIN card, the easiest way is to go in person to a Service Canada centre. Because your name change is elective, they will charge you $10 to do your name change on the SIN card. You will need your legal name change document (the original that Vital Statistics will send you) and your citizenship card that shows the name you are currently using. There is a form to fill out, but they can help you with that.

    You need to contact Citizenship & Immigration Canada regarding your name change.

    For OHIP, you would need to fill out a "change of information" form found here:

    And you need to go down to an OHIP office with the form and official name change document, since they have to retake your picture. (I am assuming you have a photocard with that & white cards you need more) Again, they do not accept photocopies.

    Edit: For the second part of your question. That will depend on the school you attended. Some schools have a form you fill out and you can photocopy your legal change of name to it. Others require an "original" certified copy of the legal name change document. Some will ask for that official name change, plus another piece of ID that you have changed over. Sorry I can't be of more help without knowing what school you are looking at. For each of these I just did a search on the school website for "name change". Schools are used to doing this sort of thing though,,,.women change their name a lot when they get married, so don't be afraid to call and ask. (btw, this may cost you money to get the new diploma issued)

    Good luck to you!

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    Name Change Ontario

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    You won't have any problems in changing your name. It will involve a little paper work, and you will have to explain why, but it is a relatively straight forward process. Check these links.

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