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about seeing a phychiratist...and stuff.?

ok, im 18 and male, and my doctor has referred me to see a phyciritist bcoz of my social phobia and paranoia. firstly my paranoia has kicked in already that my mam and dad are gunna tell everyone that i been seein a pychiritist...i feel like im a freak or summit seein a phy. and also whats it gunna be like im so scared....what will happen and i no i will cry when im telling her about my self!!! should i be scared of seeing a phy. or even feel like im a freak and weird for seeing 1?

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    Hi there. I'm a 16 year old girl with OCD and Bipolar Disorder. On my first appointment with my psychiatrist a year and a half ago, I felt exactly the same way as you! Please don't feel ashamed to be seeking help for your mental health problems - it's actually the best thing you could do. Think about it this way... if you were diabetic, would you refuse treatment for fear of being labelled? Of course not. mental problems are just as real as physical problems, and should be treated as such. You should feel proud of yourself for looking after your health. Also, don't be afraid to cry when you talk to him/her. I've cried more than a few times during sessions with my psychiatrist and psychologist. They're very understanding. I'm so glad I see them - as sad as it may be to say be honest, sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through the week.

    There is nothing at all to be afraid of, they will just ask you about the problems you're having and then suggest medications you could try to help you feel better. That's all they're there to do - to help you. Be honest with them, and you will get more out of it than you could ever imagine. If you don't want to talk about a particular thing they bring up, tell them about it - they'll accept this and they understand it may be difficult to talk to begin with.

    I suggest you talk to your parents and explain that you do not want everyone to know you are seeing a psychiatrist. It's really your personal business and they should understand if you want to keep it private.

    One more thing - psychiatrists are medicine based and deal with giving you medications. If you are not a huge fan of this, you might want to get yourself referred to a psychologist who deals with talking and therapy. I personally have both. If you have any more questions, or just want to talk to someone that understands, please email me on here. Sometimes it helps just to have someone listen. Good luck.

    Source(s): I have a long history of mental health problems. I admire my psychologist so much, that I'm thinking of going into it as a career.
  • First, you aren't weird or bad. You just need a little help like most of the rest of us. Mental problems aren't really any different from physical problems. They certainly don't mean you are crazy.

    It must be a natural thing to cry when you talk to a psychiatrist or therapist because I've done it with almost every single one I've seen. Maybe not on the first visit but always at some point. It's something about the release of getting this burden off your chest - it's like something snaps and then you can cry and get some relief.

    The psychiatrist is there to help you - not judge you. S/he should do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. S/he is not trying to trap you and is not going to rat you out to your parents. Trust is a key issue here so take it slowly. No one can force you - you must do this in your own way and your own time.

    I wish you the best success. I'm in therapy right now too and it's helping me a lot. Hang in there and stay focused on healing. That is what's most important.

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    Print this out to give to your parents or ask them not to tell. Let them know how hard it is and that telling everyone just makes it more difficult.

    So very many people have mental health problems. The biggest tragedy is for those who don't get help. Seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist will do more for you by way of improving how you feel and getting you to where you live a normal life. Don't be afraid. Be proud that you have the courage to take the first steps. They are the most difficult.

    All that is going to happen is that the psychiatrist will talk to you. Questions will be easy ones about your history - how old you are, friends, how you get on with your family, how long you've been anxious and paranoid, what makes you feel that way. It really is easy stuff and doesn't get too personal. If you think you might be to anxious to talk or remember what you want to say, write it down in bullet point list to bring. A lot of people write down their symptoms and things they want to ask. This is common with pdoc visits and believe it or not, common with regular doc visits for medical stuff. You might be prescribed medicine and there's a fair chance that it will make a huge difference. You might be recommended to therapy, which can be a great experience. Except for the stigma (that is best ignored since it's out of ignorance), it's all good.

    I see a psychiatrist and therapist and feel much better than before I did.

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    Seeing a psychiatrist may not be something you want to shout from the rooftops if you don't want people to find out, but by the same token if you feel fine with seeing them then feel free to do so. Seeing a psychiatrist is not abnormal, there are probably a lot more people around you who have than you know about. Personally, my psychiatrist is fantastic and even though I was mega nervous at first you gradually get used to it. Crying isn't something to be ashamed of either, you're not the first and you won't be the last. Psychiatrists are there to talk to you and to help you. So don't be scared, just try to be as open and honest as possible and hopefully it will help.

    Also, if you don't want people to know make it clear to your parents from the start that this is the case and they should respect that decision.

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    you are far from a freak. plenty of people see a therapist or psychiatrist.

    i know how scary it is before that first visit, but just know that whatever happens won't be anything like all the bad you are imagining. Worst case scenario, you just wasted an hour of your life staring at the wall.

    Most likely, the first visit will be a bit awkward, with the pdoc trying to get to know you and what brought you in. But it does get easier and I've found therapy to be extremely helpful.

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    If they are sending you to see a psychiatrist for you not being social then y don't you go out and talk to some one! just because you have to see one doesn't mean your weird or anything you just look at things differently everyone has those problems. Some may feel that they want you to get out or talk more. they simply could just be worried about you! But there is nothing wrong with you talking to some one it helps you personally and publicly. It will help you get over whatever it is.

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    Lots of people get therapy and see psychiatrists every day to help them with problems of all kinds. Have a serious talk with your parents and tell them that it is extremely important to you that this be kept confidential. They should never tell anyone your business anyway, but some people like to blab.

    So you cry? So what. That's what psychiatrists are for, to help you through things in life that are hard for you.

    Source(s): RN 16 years
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    You wouldn't think twice if it was a regular doctor so you shouldn't worry about seeing a psychiatrist. It's just another doctor with another title. There is no shame in getting the help you need. Be good to yourself and get help. You will have a better quality of life.

    Good luck.

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    i think it is admirable for people to overcome the fear of what others will think if they do see a shrink

    my bf started seeing one for his temper and to help him deal with things his father done while he was growing up

    he made comments about people thinking he was crazy, but he finally came to realize if he didn't do SOMETHING that i was gonna go crazy

    i think that this day and time most people need counceling, and it is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of


    good luck to you

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