When ordering eggs, what is the opposite of sunny side up?

This is how the wife and I eat our fried eggs at home, but no idea how to convey this to someone else who may be making the eggs for us.


While an aliteration as well, using "darkside down" doesn't really convey the best description of what's wanted.

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    I cannot believe you are how old, since you have a wife, and don't know how to order eggs out.

    I'm a waitress, and I get soo annoyed at how people do not know how they want their eggs cooked. I am to the point that I will poke fun at them. Sometimes, depending on my mood. All of us waitresses get a kick out of people that do not know how they want their eggs cooked.

    You want them overlight. Or overeasy. It's the same. That's when the egg is flipped over, BUT the egg whites are not cooked all of the way, kind of slimy, and the yolk is soft.

    Now, if you want the yolks soft, BUT the egg whites cooked, then you want them overmedium.

    Overwell is where there is still some yolk, but the egg is cooked to a brown, overhard is when the yolk and the whites are cooked all the way through.

    I don't mean to poke fun at you, but I laugh when people order "dippy" eggs. People know everything else in this world, except how they want their eggs cooked. Thanks for asking!!!

    Source(s): Waitress for 20+ years.
  • john
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    Over easy', also called 'runny' — cooked on both sides; the yolk is a thin liquid, while the egg white is partially cooked. This is occasionally called 'sunny side down.' These are also commonly referred to as 'dippy eggs' or 'dip eggs' by Marylanders and by Pennsylvania Dutch persons living in southern Pennsylvania, mainly due to the practice of dipping toast into the yolk while eating. Also called 'treasure eggs' in southwestern Pennsylvania.

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    Most places should know the general terms for how eggs are cooked, sunny side up is simply cooking the egg without flipping it right? So if you are describing it to someone perhaps say "plop it in and cook without flipping it"?

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    it is sunny side down.

    and someone said over easy - thats wrong! that means you cook it a bit over a little bit! you get me?

    ok well i hope that helped x x

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  • Horton
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    over easy: the white on top of the yolk is cooked, but the yolk is liquid

    over medium: same as above but the yolk is partially cooked

    over hard: the yolk is totally cooked, like a hard boiled egg's yolk

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    sunny side down?

  • jim m
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    over easy

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