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Help with my cat, wheezing?

my cat all of a sudden started doing this really weird weezing thing.. he leans his body a bit forward, sorta like hez about to stretch, but then his face pudges and he exhales sorta sounding like the second part of a sneeze (not Ach but Choo) lol if you get wat i mean.. im really worried that maybe me and my sister will get sick.. please help?

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    It does sound like he is trying to cough up a hair ball.

    It can be very scary to experience if you have never witnessed this before. But if the kitty is ever trying to breath with his mouth open then this is something different. That is actually called "open mouth breathing" and is a sign of respiratory distress. Then it is a medical emergency and he needs to be taken immediately to the nearest Animal Hospital.

    Hope this helped. xoxo

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    I'm not a vet, and like the other person suggested, a check-up by a qualified vet is the best answer. I had a cat that wheezed, and when I started searching on the Internet, I found that one of the causes could be heartworms!! That's why you should visit the vet - - it could be something more serious than you would think.

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    Well, if it's a long haired cat or medium haired cat, it could be trying to cough up a hairball. If it's a cold, watch out for a snotty nose or watery eyes. If that's the case, your vet might chose to put him on some antibiotic or even antihistamines,

    Like mentioned, if its like he is trying to cough of a hairball, give me a day or two and then check with the vet.

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    Sounds like a hairball. My cat freaked me out a couple of days ago by waking up from a sound sleep and making a very loud breathy, honking noise. He did it about six times and I was afraid to touch him. Usually, when he pukes, if I say his name he will look at me. He didn't even flinch when I tried to talk to him. After he was done, he came and curled in my lap. He's been fine since then.

    Source(s): Cat's's what they do and they can make some really scary noises along with it.
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    My cat dose that all the time. I think she is allergic to some thing. The time to really worry is if your cat's face gets all slimy and/or the eyes get goopy. Then take your cat to the vet. You can not catch a cats cold and a cat can not catch a cold from a human.

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    It sounds like it's trying to cough up a hairball.

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    u wont get sick and u should care about ur cat it has a cold by the sound of it

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    hahahaha thats a hairball all cats do it! they lick themselves to death!

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