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can this dream predict the future? it's nothing bad, just normal event....?

I had a dream 10 years ago, and i woke up remembering the dream clearly, then i forgot about it. Recently i went to a place that looks exactly like the place in the dream. Yesterday i had the same dream, but the part that happened was not in the dream, only the other 50% that didn't happen was in dream.


thank you for the warning about the virus. i didn't go into link bc someone else sent me same virus link just minutes ago.

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    im pretty sure it does cause one of my cousins always have dreams like your's and it comes true

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    No. People tend to only remember the coincidences and forget about all the things that don't match up. If I had a dream where Abe Lincoln was in my house drinking a bottle of rum and then ten years later my friend comes to a Halloween party dressed like Abe Lincoln and picks up a bottle of rum it was a coincidence. But I would suddenly remember that dream. I could totally forget about the dream where a rabbit buys a tambourine with only nickels. Your brain is programed to make connections. It's a survival instinct.

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    I used to have that kind of dream and I don't think it predicts future event. Cuz nothing like that dream happens to me

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    Don't click the link above me that hyprocrite is spreading virus.

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