T-rex ?

you read it right?

k.. i read it has a chamber in it's head i think that can contain fire. did it breath fire?

what is this chamber for? some dino's have it. Why?

well i do Belive in Jesus and that He Created fire breathing dinos. but my point being is that what do you think is this chamber for? :D

i believe it's possible (with an open mind since i never seen in person a T-Rex, so this is an really open minded

do you think it could be ammune to acid? an acid breather? instead of vemon that snakes can make,.

what do you think?

it's possible yes.

it's like saying Dolphins are telepathic.

i sure am doubtful on telepathic animals.

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    1 decade ago
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    Stegosaurus,have a so called chamber at it's body that is believed to hold a second brain which is in fact,holding lots of nerves.So I dont believe the T-Rex have some flame sac or something in his head.Firstly,even the weakest of fires can easily reach above 100 degrees and since it is near it's head,it is risky as it will literally cook the already tiny brain.Snakes can't "breathe" poison.The poison would melt it's tongue.Instead,a limited amount of snakes spits poison from holes in it's front fangs.T-Rex dont have significant channels in their teeths,cracked though it is,you can still tell if there is a channel.What's more,fire and liquid is different.And to breathe fire the animal's internal organs and external skin must be of fire resistance,unless it can secrete some kind of oil from it's body and protect itself from heat,i bet it'll either blow up or burn to crisp.I believe that this chamber probably hold either nerves or muscles.The head of the T-Rex requires alot of nerves and muscles to even hold it up,it is incredibly heavy.The jaws are strong enough to kill any prey without the help of toxic or fire alike,It can easily rip you into pieces,if your big enough that is.The two tiny hands serves no purpose,scientist says though i personally believe that the dinosaur used it to get rid of low hanging branches.The two powerful legs and tail can help it run in a absurd speed.So,in short,i dont believe in fire breathing.If dinosaurs can breathe fire they'll destroy themselves a thousands of years earlier.They'll burn plants and due to lack of food they'll die earlier than usual

  • Tim D
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    1 decade ago

    Dinosaurs were real but dragons are mythical.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have a dragon in my backyard.

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