Getting a 6 Pack in 6 months?

Well I wanted to get a 6 pack, so I was wondering, if I did 1000 sit ups every night for about 6 months do you think I will have a 6 pack? Also, are there any other exercises I should do besides sit ups so I can get a 6 pack? If you know, please respond. Thank you~

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    You are over exhausting yourself. You do not need to do that many sit ups. I recommend (and this works trust me) doing 50 sit ups and 50 crunches a night and in the morning, the morning ones aren't needed but they help jump start your body. Eat some protein, drink plenty of water, and you should be fine and start seeing results in about 1-2 weeks. Hope this helps friend.

    Source(s): Football 7 Yrs and Baseball 5 Yrs ... All required excercises and work wonders my friend
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    If you want to get a 6 pack you need to lower your body fat percent. You already have the abs, its more or less the excess stomach pudge that is hiding them. What you should do is yes keep working out, but don't just focus on your abs do a full body work out, and too effectively lose the body fat you will need to do some cardio. All in all you will need to both lift weights and some sort of cardio. Structure your diet as well. Figure out how many calories you need to maintain your weight and then lower it by 200.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yea definitely, I did it and I only work out 3 days a week, I do like an hour of abs exercise though

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    1 decade ago

    1000 sit ups .. yeah i think its possible .

    but srsly dont over do it ,

    when it starts to hurt dont push your self .

    STOP when you've had enough .

    make sure to drink alot of water aswell .

    good luck :)

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    1 decade ago

    Yoga & dip breathing

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