Know any funny lame jokes?

i enjoy lame jokes...
what are some that you know?
Update: Jen: i dont get it....
but i'm slow... so that might be why
Update 2: wolverine: okkkk
that wasn't funny either to me
Update 3: emkgirl:
that actually mad me laugh
those are the kind of jokes i like lmao
Update 4: sophia: hahahaha i got it
it didnt make me LOL though
Update 5: marissa: i didnt get itt
i might of not read it that closely

spikematsumoto: that was PRETTYY lame
& i didnt get that
Update 6: melissuhjoy.: LOL i got that.....
how funny w/ the wordd
I have to read it 2 times lmao
Update 7: randomvirgo: that wasn't funny

saberista: i dont get it... but i mighttt
i'm confused by it LOL
Update 8: <3bella<3: that wasnt funny.. i'm soorryy
but the laffy taffy candies's jokes arn't that funny anyways
Update 9: lehshark:
i didnt get most of them.. but i dont watch the news
but the only on that kinda made me laugh was the china babies one
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