2008 Volvo S60 2.5T (FWD) VS. New 2009 Honda CRV EX-L 4WD?

The Volvo is a dealer loaner with 7100+ miles and both prices boil down to around $25k. I am truly torn and need some advice. I am going to put around 20k+ miles a year as a 26 yr old sales rep in New England. I am leaning to the Volvo because it is a luxury at a discount price ($25k) but am I getting in over my head? Both have their pros and cons. 4WD vs FWD. Space vs Performance. New vs. Slightly Used. Ego vs. Practical. HELP????

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  • 1 decade ago

    honda crv ex l 4wd suck, cheap car, expensive to make, it was like they had an idea and then slap some parts together and expected it to work. Volve is nice, it tells people your a person who car's about safty but didn't want to spend enough money to get something a little more higher up..money side of things you can get your money's worth if you go with a older volvo v6. 2.5 t is a really small engine, and a turbo you worry about turbo lag, just sitting there waiting for the power to come on then when it does its like what was that? i waited to move and then thats what you gave me? sad. a nice audio suv are nice good v6 little extra cash but not much and you geting that german high end look and feel.

  • 4 years ago

    I don't know, it just came out and not enough data is available. The previous models, I would say is OK car. 2000 models had valve gap tightening up problem. And don't see the logic in using timing belt for SUV. Nosier, but timing chain should be used on cars like this. Is 4 WD, but is automatic 4WD - which kicks in when computer sees the need. Ok, then how the heck do I know if it is working properly?

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