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Did you know that Tom's toothpaste is now a division of Colgate-Palmolive?

"Our company has grown a lot since 1970! In 2006, we entered into a partnership with the Colgate-Palmolive Company (read Tom and Kate's letter explaining how and why this decision was made) and are now an independently run division of that company..."

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    WoW, that's not good. Of all other companies to merge with, Colgate shouldn't have been one of them. I use their mouthwash, and I'm hoping they keep their quality standards high. I've only been using non-fluoride JÄSÖN toothpaste, and hopefully they will stay independent!

    I think the clock is ticking on how much longer we will have access to decent food and drink...

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    This isn't news, it, the acquisition was announced early in 2006! From the announcement:

    "The Chappell family will retain a 16 percent ownership interest, with additional share purchase opportunities for Colgate over the coming years."

    I buy a knock-off of Tom's made by Trader Joe's. The reason being cost and the "No Animal Testing" disclaimer.

    This was a decision that I'm sure wasn't made hastily, and seems to work for all parties involved.

    Thor: Jobs have not necessarily been outsourced. In any case, there are still jobs to be had, and the tour brings tourism to an area that suffers economically for at least a portion of the year. And since this is posted in the environment section, with Colgate links, I'll add an outside link noting recognition of Tom's eco-friendly efforts.

    From the 2nd link below:

    "Part of our goal in seeking out a partner was that - if we were going to give up something - they would agree to uphold our natural standards, continue to manufacture in Maine, and keep our employees who have been wonderful." -- Tom Chappell

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    I believe many green choices are a matter of green, greener, greenest. Tom's is a green choice, meaning it is better than conventional, but it isn't completely environmentally friendly. we need to learn to read the labels and know what we are putting into and onto our bodies and quit expecting other to do the job for us. Companies are out for profits. That used to mean giving the customer the highest quality of goods, today companies believe the path to profits is to make the product as cheap as possible.

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    Unfortunate. But Tom's has always been somewhat compromised in terms of environmental health, allowing fluoride, which is disastrous and unnecessary, as well as other less ideal ingredients. Keep looking in your health food store and online for the best ingredients!

    Source(s): Specialization in environmental health, toxicology and natural living, Harvard School of Public Health.
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    I'm glad I don't use it.

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